Rental Magica – 12

Episode Summary: The entire Astral staff are busy doing work, Honami is crunching numbers ; Nekoyashiki is finishing fuda, Mikan is vacuuming, Manami is busy cleaning around, and Itsuki is just amazed at their work. Itsuki is just in the way, so he decides to take a walk on the town. Back at Astral, Honami is approached by Manami, who notices though she is busy, she seems distracted; they start to talk, but are interrupted by Diana. Diana has come to say hello and deliver fetishes that are useful in New Year’s rituals. When Honami says that the President is away, Diana says that she already spoke with the president a few days prior when he came to see her, and that he came to ask what kind of presents that girls like. This sends Honami and Manami through a loop, who was it for?

At Goetia, a staff member points out that Adilisia seems distracted; she also points out that Adilisia is also holding her grimoire upside down. Adilisia tries to play it off by saying that it is more exciting to read upside down, and her assistant asks her to put some effort into helping the winter solstice ritual; she states that she wants to do something with Itsuki, and her assistant states that he dropped by earlier to ask a question, which is what kind of presents do girls like. Adilisia has the same reaction as the Astral girls, who was the present for? Later, Honami is following Itsuki when she is approached by Adilisia, who has a question to ask Itsuki. While Honami and Adilisia are talking, Itsuki looks at the time and takes off stating that there is not much time to buy the present, which leaves the girls in a daze.

They follow Itsuki to Shinogi’s temple and are found by Shinogi, who states that she is fine, and that Mohoro is out of rehab; Mohoro shows them the Christmas tree that he decorated to celebrate the New Year. Adilisia starts to say that New Years is not too far off when she remembers Itsuki, and Mohoro says that he gave Itsuki his paycheck since he has been working there for the past few days. When they ask why he was working there, Mohoro says that Itsuki wanted to buy someone a Christmas present, and that he was going to give it to someone important; which, Honami and Adilisia think is them. With that, they rush off to town, leaving behind a pair of confused faces; they look for him in town, but have lost his trail. Unfortunately, due to Itsuki’s eye, they cannot use magic to find him.

Right when they give up, Itsuki walks over to them; when Honami is about to ask Itsuki about the present, she chickens out and asks if he borrowed homework from a classmate. Next up is Adilisia, who also has cold feet, and ends up telling him to recite the magical roots of Christmas in under 400 words. Itsuki starts to be confused and Honami butts in, trying to tell him, but she is re-interrupted by Adilisia. Adilisia and Honami start a fight, and Itsuki runs away saying that he has to meet someone; Adilisia and Honami follow Itsuki to a big Christmas tree when they see him run towards a little girl and heads off. Adilisia and Honami are confused, and as Itsuki and the girl go shopping, Adilisia and Honami are watching from afar. They realize that it is just like Itsuki to buy a present for a ghost girl.

Back at Astral, Mikan wonders where Honami is and states that she is skipping out; Manami goes to look for them with her poltergeist powers. Meanwhile, Itsuki and the ghost girl are walking down a street with Adilisia and Honami in pursuit when Manami finds them. Itsuki and the ghost girl end up at a church that Honami and Adilisia say is a spell, for the only thing really there is an empty lot. Itsuki and the girl walk in and the others realize that there is a Christmas Eve-type spell wave contamination surrounding the church; different specifications though out the year that produce spell contamination, and this church and it’s souls only appear on Christmas Eve. The girls think that Itsuki is walking into the trap and take a ride upon Forneus to check up on him, and as they bust in, they find Itsuki and children being peaceful, which leaves the girls looking like fools. As Adilisia tells Itsuki to explain, she falls off of Forneus, and Itsuki begins his tale.

Itsuki states that about a week ago, he saw that ghost and could not leave her alone. He first saw her trying to get a Santa’s attention, and decided to get her a present. Manami states that ghosts do not want material things, but other things; she uses her poltergeist powers to see into the past, and comes across the church back in its prime with the orphans and priest. The orphans have a meal and thank the Lord, chop firewood, and hang their stockings. That night after the children have gone to bed, a lamp falls and lights the church ablaze. The group realizes that their sadness brings spell wave contamination only on Christmas Eve, and when Itsuki is told to consult them, he states that everyone seemed so busy; so he decided to do it alone. Itsuki wants to give them a present, and they decide on a present as a song.

Manami starts to sing beautifully, and is joined by the rest of the gang. While singing, the group do magic tricks to light up the top of the church; Honami makes brilliant fireworks and Adilisia summons a phoenix, which makes a brilliant display. As they finish singing, the children’s despair dissipates and they go back into a peaceful slumber, taking the church along with them. After the church disappears, Adilisia states that Christmas was originally a day when people gave gifts to the dead. Itsuki looks at the ground and spots a doll, which turns out to be the core of the spell wave contamination; when Itsuki picks it up, it turns to dust and blows away. As the group stands there, they receive a present from the Heavens, for it starts to snow.

When they return to Astral, the rest of Astral’s staff, the Groetia assistant, Diana, Shinogi, and Mohoro are waiting for them. They start the surprise celebrations with a feast and drinks. As Nekoyashiki and Honami explain that they almost blew their cover, but everything went as planned thanks to Itsuki’s thickheadedness, they were fine. Adilisia walks up to Itsuki and tells him that he can pay her for the job she did at the church with a present. The present is to spend the entire day with Adilisia alone, which at this point, Honami rushes in and says the same for her; Adilisia states first come first serve, but Honami states that Adilisia does not even belong there. They start pulling Itsuki in different directions when Mikan walks up and wants to join in. Bringing this to a close to a good episode, Rental Magica – 12 “Requiem for the Holy Night”.