Rental Magica – 11

Episode Summary: One dark night, Itsuki and Astral are at a graveyard when Manami’s hand pops out of the ground; her hand scares Itsuki and his reaction sends him sprawling into a headstone. Since she is a ghost, she can do things like that; she checks out Itsuki to make sure he is O.K., and her breasts are all up in his face. When she continues to check, her breasts go inside Itsuki’s face, which sends him into an utter fit. They are interrupted by Honami, who points out Itsuki’s card holder fell out. When he opens it to make sure that the cards are fine, one flies out and is a transition for the next scene. A lady shows up with the Fetish Purveyor Firm, Trismegistos; she states her name is Diana and that she is the CEO/president.

She says that she heard that Astral was back in business, and came to give her regards; while Honami, Itsuki, and Diana are talking, Mikan and Manami are sitting in the lounge. Manami tries to use her poltergeist powers to make coffee for their guests; while Diana states that she had a firm with Astral even before Honami joined. Diana then says that her firm provided much of Astral’s fetishes; meanwhile, Manami and Mikan are trying to get the coffee made with Manami’s poltergeist powers still. Back with Itsuki and company, Diana states that she has come to request something of Itsuki, a Cordyceps, which is a flower that grows petals it shouldn’t and sucks in nutrition that it shouldn’t; this particular Cordycep is a parasite that thrives on humans. These Cordyceps grow on a human who allows it to be grown in them, which makes them so valuable, and are only available after ones lifetime. Diana then says that that is her business; and she will give them a huge reward in return.

Diana states that she also made this contract with Itsuki’s father, Tsukasa,when a certain female died. Itsuki is thinking that his father also accepted this job when he snaps out of it, and is back at the graveyard on this job. Honami states that Diana must have been hiding something, since all they have to do is retrieve a flower. Itsuki wonders what kind of deal Tsukasa made with her, and asks if Nekoyashiki would know her, but he was a rookie at the time. Since it is a crescent moon, Honami’s powers are not too powerful, so she will be a lookout in the sky while Itsuki and Mamami search on the ground; while walking, Manami asks Itsuki if he is thinking of his father, and if he resembles him. Itsuki responds yes, but he does not really remember his father. Instantly, Itsuki spots the Cordycep with his Glam Sight eye, which blooms upon their approach.

When Manami approaches the Cordycep, she is immobilized by a fuda, and Itsuki is approached by a man who says he is Lee Ching-Fong. As Honami closes in on the group’s location, she is hindered by a sudden mist; Lee Ching-Fong states that Manami is just immobilized and might feel a bit of pain, but she will be fine. He states that the Cordycep is his, and that this Cordycep seed was stolen by Diana and Astral and hidden here. He also tells them that they set up barriers so that he could not find it, but the barriers fell that night, for when a Cordycep blooms, it destroys any barrier. He states that he has all the rights to that Cordycep, and that he should not have to hinder his might to thieves and ghosts. At that, Itsuki rips the fuda off of Manami and tells Lee Ching-Fong that he cannot insult any member of Astral.

Lee Ching-Fong says his apologies, but he does have the rights to that Cordycep; he then uses his necromancer powers to take control of the cremated bodies in the graveyard. Ching-Fong states that the ”paper soldiers” wont last long, but they are still deadly. Honami finally arrives and steals the Cordycep and takes Itsuki away, but Manami cannot grasp Itsuki’s hand, and is left behind. When Honami stops, she states that she had to leave her behind because the entire event was a trap from the beginning; Honami uses a stone that can find spell deceptions, and it finds a fuda that is from Qi Men Dun Jia, the Chinese study of space and time. She states that now that they are in it’s maze, it will be difficult to get out. When Itsuki tells Honami what he knows about the situation, she tells him that the Cordycep is made of memories. She states that a person’s life energy is just memories, and when someone dies, those memories burst.

She states that the flower sucks in those memories for its power, and that for necromancers, the Cordycep is an extremely valuable fetish. When Honami asks him if she should negotiate for Manami, but Itsuki says that he cannot forgive him for manipulating the dead. He also states that he understands why his father took this deal, and he wants to finish the job. Honami responds by insulting him in many ways, but she calms down and goes with the president’s say as long as she gets a bonus of three months pay; meanwhile, back with Manami and Ching-Fong, Manami awakes to find that another fuda has been placed on her chest and that she is surrounded by paper soldiers. Just as Ching-Fong taunts her, Diana comes out from the mist and states that she did steal the Cordycep, but because he was turning innocent people into paper soldiers. Ching-Fong states that he used energy from a village for fertilization.

Diana says that she wore a mourning dress every day due to her mistake, and ever since she had Astral take the Cordycep from him ten years ago. When Ching-Fong says that Astral is a thing of the past, he is interrupted by Itsuki and Honami, but Itsuki cannot get anywhere because Ching-Fong threatens to turn Manami into a paper soldier if they come any closer; at this, Manami uses her poltergeist powers to destroy the fuda and fling headstones at Ching-Fong. When Ching-Fong regains his composure, Itsuki rips off his eye patch and evokes his Glam Sight. Ching-Fong sends in some of his paper soldiers, but Itsuki easily evades their attacks, and he orders Honami to take down the barrier and paper soldiers with mistletoe. As Ching-Fong makes a break for it, Manami captures him under earth, and Itsuki takes out Ching-Fong with a single blow. When Itsuki returns the Cordycep to Diana, she states that the flower was her mothers.

The next day at Astral headquarters, Diana shows them that her family and bloodline are hosts for the Cordyceps, and that she will one day make her own bloom. As Diana leaves, Itsuki sends her off, and Diana leans in and gets real close to Itsuki when Honami and Manami spot them. She states that it was a prank, and takes her leave. As she leaves, she tells Itsuki that if he ever needs his eye patch remade, contact her. Itsuki starts to say next time, but is cut off by Honami and Manami, who punch him square in the head. Creating a semi-peaceful ending to Rental Magica – 11 “Flowers that Blossom for the Dead”.

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