Rental Magica – 10

Episode Summary: While Honami is with Judaicus, the rest of Astral are left to deal with Lapis and her spectral jellyfish. Itsuki’s Glam Sight eye is rendered useless by the basilisk eye, for a basilisk eye has the power to blind any vision. It appears that it is the end of Astral, their trump card is useless, but whatho, Addie is still alive and has come to the rescue?! Addie slays Lapis’ jellyfish, and heals Itsuki’s eye with a amulet with her usual cocky attitude; upon the change in statistics, Lapis states that Goetia is not part of the Fehde, and withdraws. Upon Lapis’ leave, Addie states that she sacrificed two demons to save her life, and that she had to take some time to recover from the attack, but, she is indeed alive and well. Addie then gives Itsuki the amulet that she used to cure his eye, the amulet with the Eye of Horus, which was developed by Egyptians to protect form the Evil Eye. Upon taking in the whole event of Addie’s return, Itsuki tackles her with joy; opening up an embarrassing moment for both Addie and Itsuki, and he is scolded by Mikan and Manami.

Nekoyashiki points out that Lapis’ said her job was accomplished even though she retreated, and questions upon the whereabouts of the suitcases(Itsuki’s inheritance is in the suitcase that will be given to the winners of the Fehde) whereabouts. Meanwhile, Honami is dreaming of when Itsuki was donned his Glam Sight eye, and when Judaicus bestowed upon him the eye patch that conceals its powers; in the dream, Judaicus states that the eye will attract evils to him, and that one day, the eye could destroy Itsuki. Honami awakes to find that all of her magical equipment has been taken away, and that she was defeated by Judaicus, who then walks in upon her awakening. She stands up in astonishment, to find that there is a magic clock upon the ground that acts as a barrier, keeping her trapped and hidden. When she inquires about Astral’s survival, she is told that Goetia interfered. Judaicus thanks her for delivering the case, and opens it even though it is suppose to be sealed, but in fact, Judaicus is the one who made the case in the first place; and only he can open it without the key. He opens it to reveal a notebook written by Itsuki’s father, Tsukasa Iba.

This notebook is a grimoire, a book of magic that generally give instructions for summoning either holy or evil creatures, performing divination and gaining magical power, and Judaicus wants it because Itsuki’s father repaired him, giving him a meaning to live. Judaicus cannot legally participate in the Fehde because he is an automation, and if anyone finds out he will be unable to obtain anything from the magical society. Meanwhile, back at Astral, Addie and the Astral members are debating; Addie wants to send in proof that Judaicus is a machine, an order form, and Itsuki states that they can’t, for it would take to much time to be processed before anything could be done. As they continue planning, we go back to Honami to find her talking with Lapis; while they are talking, an intruder alert goes off, and Lapis leaves with Honami trapped in her imprisonment within the clock. Honami draws a magical insignia with her blood, and calls upon Hail to destroy the clock imprisonment. The glass breaks and starts to fall in sharp shards towards her, but they are diverted by Marbas and Addie. Addie tells her that Itsuki is fighting Judaicus, and he put her well being before his own.

The members of Astral track down Judaicus by using the business card that Itsuki gave Lapis awhile back, and corner Judaicus in his office. Itsuki states that even though the Fehde is invalid, he still wants to take the challenge as Astral’s president. Itsuki stands firm, and states that he is Astral’s president; and will take anything on. Judaicus accepts, and has Lapis summon her spectral jellyfish, thus starting the Fehde. Itsuki cannot use his Glam Sight eye because of the Evil Eye of Lapis, and must command his members as the president; Judaicus makes the first move, using some magic balls that turn into arrows that fly towards Itsuki. Itsuki commands Manami to summon a wall that blocks the arrows. Itsuki then has Nekoyashiki use a water-fuda to destroy one jellyfish, and has Mikan use her absolute purification five seconds after to slay the other jellyfish.

Judaicus becomes desperate, and extracts Lapis’ basilisk eye forcefully; then uses it to create a shroud of darkness around Astral’s members. Judaicus demands that Lapis get up or he will take out her other eye, but is interrupted by the arrival of Addie and Honami. Judaicus states that the basilisk eye cannot kill on its own, but strip all the bodily senses from the body; and asks Honami if she wants to continue the Fehde. Honami demands to know what happened to Lapis, and Judaicus states that he only took what he gave her. Judaicus then uses the basilisk eye to summon a ring of jellyfish that he fuses with Lapis to form the basilisk that the Astral members killed in order to get the basilisk eye for Lapis. Judaicus then uses the snake’s powers to change the flooring into a poisonous bog that holds everyone in place; that is, all except for Itsuki, who states that he must break the promise to Honami, and takes his eye patch off. Itsuki walks toward the basilisk and puts his hand upon its underside, and states that the reason Lapis said there was one thing she could never achieve in life was that she knew she would be sacrificed.

Judaicus comes to realize that the Glam Sight eye can not only see through everything, but can control spell waves as well; the reason why Itsuki can be unaffected by the basilisk is because he is channeling the power of the Eye of Horus through himself. Itsuki then punctures the basilisk and states that he cannot be the same president that his father was, but only the president he can be himself; that Judaicus should be pround of Itsuki’s father, and make he should make it the same for him. Itsuki then turns the basilisk back into Lapis and they both collapse with their hands clasped together. The clock that imprisoned Honami stops at twelve, and begins to demolish the atelier with Judiacus and Lapis in it. Judaicus is laying on the floor when Lapis enters and starts repairing him. Judaicus asks why Lapis didn’t leave with Astral, and states that she could go if she wanted. She replies that she will not leave, and she will stay with him forever.

Back at Astral, they open a letter they received from Lapis that states if Itsuki wants to learn more about his eye, he should take a look into his father’s grimoire; the letter also reads that they are doing well in Egypt. While reading, Addie comes in and asks him to sign a contract that gives her Judaicus’ 20% of Astral’s management rights. Honami seizes the paper, and crumples it up stating that it had not been signed, and therefore, invalid. Then the girls chase after Itsuki asking him what’s the deal bringing Episode 10 “The Tears of the Homunculus” to a close.