Rental Magica – 09

Episode Summary: Addie is in Paris extracting information. She is fleeing up a long stairwell in an ancient atelier (a workshop or an artist’s/designer’s studio) from Judaicus Tholoide ((creator of the homunculus Lapis, and Tsukasa Iba’s (Itsuki’s father who passed away four months ago) top apprentice)). Judaicus states that exactly four months ago, 3241 hours and 36 minutes, Addie was pursuing the same goal as Itsuki was in the last “night”. This points out that he is the creator of Lapis and knows all about Astral’s doings and plans. Addie realizes this and questions him about what he wants to do with Itsuki, but there is no room for words, only actions. Addie summons Glasya-Labolas, the Commander of Thirty-Six Legions, who is struck down by Judaicus with an alchemic flask in one blow. Addie seizes the opportunity to flee up the flight of stairs , but comes to an abrupt dead-end at a giant clock.

Summoning Forneus, the Great Marquis and Commander of Twenty-Nine Legions, and fearlessly jumping through the class clock into the night air, Addie makes a dramatic attempt to escape. Although her actions magnificent, Addie is stopped by Lapis on a spectral jellyfish. Lapis uses the basilisk eye she obtained from Astral in a previous episode to paralyze Forneus and Addie, who now hopelessly plummets to the hard ground. To make a last stand, Addie summons Eligor, the Durable Knight and Commander of Sixty Legions to take out that troublesome basilisk eye. The hold upon her is relinquished, but too late, Forneus and Addie violently crash into the ground and are possibly killed. Judaicus and Lapis take Addie for dead and leave to obtain another basilisk eye in Japan.

The scene changes from the ominous tone to a more lighter one as we see Itsuki who has just received his mail which contained a letter from Paris that was from Addie. Just as Itsuki is about to open the letter, Kagezaki(The person in charge of Astral in the Association) enters Astral’s grounds. Kagezaki has brought a suitcase that contains an inheritance from Itsuki’s father, but he can only obtain the inheritance once he wins over a board member who challenged the succession of president. This board member believes that he should succeed as president and inherit the case. This member is awaiting Itsuki and one other Astral member upon an airship outside the premises. Itsuki takes Honami upon the airship and while they wait for the board member, Itsuki shows Honami the letter from Addie; while Honami reads it aloud, she reveals why Addie was at the atelier at the beginning of this episode.

Addie was at the atelier because she overheard a name related to Itsuki and was checking it out, she also gives some advice: If the topic of inheritance comes up, do not do anything imprudent. As Honami reads this, she is interrupted by Kagezaki who brings in Lapis. Lapis is the homunculus of the board member! Lapis is being manipulated by Judaicus, and she speaks his words for him; Honami states that Lapis is Judaicus’ Agathion, like the shikigami or Solomon’s demons that Addie and Nekoyashiki summon. Lapis goes on to say that Judaicus was given 20% of the firm’s authority and management rights as Director of Astral, and that he should be the inheritor. Lapis questions Itsuki about being president, and if he really wants the burden of controlling Astral; our hero Itsuki boldly declares that he deserves the title of President and cannot desert his members. At that, Lapis proposes a Fehde, or magic duel.

Lapis asks him if he really does want to be president, or was it that Addie told him to stay away from the inheritance; with the exclamations of Honami and Itsuki, she states that she will reveal information about Addie if Itsuki accepts the Fehde. Of course, Itsuki accepts, and Kagezaki brings forth the case to put in Itsuki’s custody, but he cannot open it until Astral beats Judaicus in three Fehde duels. If Astral is successful, Kagezaki will give Itsuki the key to open the case, but only if Astral wins the Fehde challenges. At this, Lapis turns to leave, but is stopped by Itsuki who inquires what happened to Addie; she responds that she is dead. At hearing the news, Honami vows she will avenge Addie and begins her assault. The battle begins! Honami calls upon the divine protection of the spiritual tree and unleashes attacks, but they are thwarted by alchemic concoctions that Lapis throws.

Itsuki gets caught up in the moment and unleashes his Glam Sight eye and tells Honami precisely where to throw mistletoe. Once Honami hits Lapis, Lapis turns and high tails it out of the airship, diving straight out into the open sky. As Lapis is freefalling, she unleashes an alchemic flask full of the secret medicine of Raimundus Lullus that creates wings on her back, enabling her to fly; Itsuki and Honami follow in hot pursuit on Honami’s broomstick. With some tactical commands from Itsuki, they catch up to Lapis and sever the link between her and Judaicus so that he cannot control her for a period of time. It is back to Astral to heal Itsuki, and while Honami heals him with her Celtic magic she has Itsuki promise to never take off his eye patch unless his life is in danger. After the promise, the group heads to a sitting area to discuss the news of Addie when Nekoyashiki breaks off the conversation with a sense of an attack; he sends his cuddly kitties to form a magical barrier to block this giant energy blast that suddenly appeared of the sky.

Under the confusion of the sudden attack, Honami says that she is going to protect the case and takes off into the night sky, while Itsuki is to take care of the Astral members and the appearance of Lapis riding her spectral jellyfish. Honami meets up with Judaicus and asks him if he was the man in the haunted house the night that Itsuki obtained his Glam Sight eye, and he responds yes; that he did indeed make the eyepatch to block the energy from the eye. She states that Itsuki’s eye is getting worse, and asks if Judaicus would repair Itsuki’s eye. Judaicus asks if it is a bargain for the inheritance, and she responds with a powerful spell of the spiritual tree that spears that puncture Judaicus making him swiss cheese. She believes that the Fehde is over because Judaicus is mortally wounded, but he responds that he has not lost, that he is an animation; a stand-in, if you will. Judaicus states that he left plenty of forces at the mansion to take care of the worn out Astral members and president and dashes at her and punches her in the gut, knocking her out. This concludes Rental Magica – 09 “Father’s Successor”.