Rental Magica – 08

Episode Summary: After the meeting of Lapis, a homunculus created by the formal director and co-founder of Astral, and the her bid of obtaining a basilisk eye in exchange for a rare fake Roman coin that is worth several hundred yen, the Astral Company(and Addie) are taking a light breather. The Astral Company are enjoying a serene steamy bath at a hotspring. In actuality, they came to the spring to help heal Itsuki’s Glam Sight eye, but why not enjoy the relaxing hot springs at the same time? Right when Nekoyashiki was going to fulfill his dreams of co-ed bathing, he gets shut down by the girls exiting the baths. Honami states that Astral will be leaving that particular bath due to insufficient healing power, so the group packs up and hits the trails to find more potent hot springs along the magic ley lines.

The group arrives at a suitable place to begin digging for hotsprings and Mikan performs a purification so that the Mountain Gods do not get upset. To save the group from doing the backbreaking work, and to show off, Addie summons Crocell(the Duke of Water Bodies). Alas, it can never be that easy can it, Addie’s plans are foiled as Crocell unwittingly unearths a waterpipe. Now it is Honami’s turn to one-up Addie, Honami uses her Celtic magic to call upon the Fauni of the forest. After a brilliant show of Celtic magic, Honami also fails, for there is no water to be found, only a jubilee of treasure chests filled with priceless gold. 🙁 The group grows weary and decides to have a contest to find the spring water so they can get the hell out of the forest; the challenge set, challengers ready, GO!

The battle for Itsuki’s love commences and both Honami and Addie race off all lickety-split completely forgetting about the hot springs, leaving the others in a plume of smoke. Whilst Honami and Addie are fighting to the death, they finally make the discovery of the long sought after hot springs, but do they notice, of course not, they are completely immersed in their fighting and eliminate that newfound spring. By now the spell contamination could be cut with a dull-blunt-chipped-plastic-butter knife; leaving Honami and Addie exhausted, but with just enough power for to cast a final blow. This final attack cancels out and crumbles the ground beneath our heroes feet, sending them plunging into an underground water filled cave. The group, unable to leave the cave due to lack of magic resources, must walk their way out of the cave. Luckily the Itsuki spots a flowing creak, and the group follows it along to discover it ends at a mamorigami (guardian deity).

This mamorigami should be at the summit of the mountain in its rightful place, but due to heavy rains, the ground has given way and the mamorigami came crashing down into the cave. The group concludes that because the mamorigami fell, the mountain area is lacking it’s normal abundancy of hot springs; and to restore the natural order to the area, it just needs to be put back in its place. The area they are now at is lit by moonlight, a full moon, which as everyone knows, restores magic; so with the group’s magic replenishing rapidly, it is time to raise the roof, literally. With a combined effort, they start raising the huge mamorigami back to its rightful place, but are thwarted by the clouds that started to cover the moonlight. Some quick thinking on Nekoyashiki’s part, he sends some of his cats to clear the clouds; but the rock still does not budge from its partially lifted state. Itsuki spots an icepick in the side of the mamorigami and dashes up the walls like an acrobat and removes the icepick.

Once the icepick is removed, the mamorigami is easily set back into it’s place at the mountain’s summit and the weary magicians return to the restored glory of the hot springs. The water is now pure enough to cure Itsuki’s eye and everyone takes a nice long soak in the baths. Addie and Honami patch things up while Nekoyashiki and Itsuki fulfill Nekoyashiki’s desire to bathe in a co-ed bath. Unfortunately, to Itsuki’s discontent, there were no girls in the bath with them, only Nekoyashiki’s cats. Alas, the good-hearted relationship between Addie and Honami once again grows ever crumbled as the fighting resumes and concludes Rental Magica – 08 ” Hot Springs Magic “

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  1. I liked this episode. when i first started it i thought it was one of those random boring fillers where the group of characters go on a trip and do nothing but i liked the fights Addie and Honami got into. It was hilarious

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