Random Musings: Thursday Equals Best Day This Week

  • Why is Thursday the best you ask? Well one, Genshiken OVA episode 2 is released finally more Genshiken! Two, Kanon Episode 21 is released. I can’t wait! I really want to find out what exactly happens. My guess of the item that Ayu lost is that little angel Yuuichi gave her when they were little. That’s just a guess though. I haven’t watched the old Kanon so I don’t exactly know what happens. This series better get licensed in America since it is by far the best anime and has a wonderful story.
  • Plus I will probably be getting the March issue of Newtype USA by that time, and probably get my 涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱 Art book!
  • Be sure to check the Release Date Schedule page yourself to find out whats coming. Once this week ends the whole table will be updated.
  • Image used in Today’s Random Musings – Random Scan from Mini Tokyo