Random Musings: Code Geass

  • I just finished watching Code Geass episode 1 and I got to say that it feels too much like Gundam Seed. If you remember that Kira was just a neutral and his old childhood friend, Athrun joined the army. This is exactly what happens in Code Geass. The anime is good but just that it uses similar concept is a bit weak. Just like in Gundam Seed the city was destroyed because of terrorist stealing a poisonous gas which turns out to be a beautiful girl in a weird outfit, sort of like a straight-jacket. The anime is pretty cool though, I enjoyed Gundam Seed so I think I will enjoy this one too.
  • Code Geass scheduled for blogging: February 16, 2007
  • I also got my FTP setup again, so no more imageshack yay! 😀
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