Random Musings: CLANNAD Original Soundtrack

  • I got me a CLANNAD Original Soundtrack. It is awesome, I especially love the song 「メグメル」 by riya. CLANNAD original soundtrack comes in three CDs and all of them have wonderful songs. Overall though, I love the song 「メグメル」 by riya.
  • Another thing I want to mention about CLANNAD is that there is going to be a movie coming out soon. If you didn’t know, CLANNAD is originally an eroge but now it has been adapted into a movie. Of course this means that most likely they will first only show it in theaters in Japan until the dvd comes out and upload it as a torrent. I never played the eroge but the series seems pretty interesting enough for me to go watch it.
  • Image used in Todays Random Musings – Cover of CLANNAD Original Soundtrack