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Best to leave Newtype to Japan lol. PiQ is going to be the new magazine that ADV will be publishing. February 2008 of Newtype USA was the last issue and PiQ’s April 2008 issue which is the first issue will be shipped to subscribers in mid-March.

Any subscribers that still had issues left for Newtype USA will get PiQ issues instead for a two-one ratio whatever that means. The subscription to this magazine is a lot cheaper than Newtype USA. Like, $120 cheaper. Subscribers in the US is 39.99, Canada is 69.99.

For this cheap the magazine better have quite a lot of pages with good free stuff. We’ll find out more details on this magazine as soon as we get ourselves a copy of this magazine and we’ll discuss this on the podcast.

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If you’re wondering where is ep 3 for the podcast, we didn’t record it because we’re still waiting on Hanyouslayer’s new headset. If you remember his quality on ep 2 you would understand why we are waiting.

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