Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru – 13 (DVD Special) Review

Shion being an idiot sequence: 

I enjoyed the chibi drawings they did for the series (1-12). They decided to do the chibi drawings through the entire episode. The story is about Takako being Cinderella and of course, Mizuho is the prince. Takako’s evil sisters are Maria, Ichigo and Yukari. Anyway, the OP and ED is still the same as the 12 episode long series. Not that its bad but I was hoping to hear a new song or two but what can you do?

The episode was on bittorrent on April 6th. The episode is quite funny in some parts. Especially Shion being a magic user to give Cinderella (Takako) her dress for the ball. Funny part about that is she starts dancing like an idiot chanting something with the sounds like “zuntototo zun tototo” after that she waves her wand at Takako. You think that it would give her a beautiful dress but instead it turned her naked then the scene turns back to Shion and for some reason she’s naked too.

A lot of different fairy tales got mixed into this episode as well. Well to start off the story is Cinderella but after acquiring the dress from Shion, the story of Sleeping Beauty got mixed into it along with Little Red Riding Hood. To finish this weird review, just like the original Cinderella story, the prince which is Mizuho finds out that Takako was Cinderella and they lived happily ever after… or do they? For some reason they lived with Takako’s evil sisters and were forced to clean the house. They didn’t seem to mind as long as they were together.

  • Graphics: Chibi drawings through out the episode, thats a plus. The only part they had CG graphics was when Shion waved her wand and the little sparkle came out. Other than that it was great.
  • Story: The story well, it doesn’t exactly do anything towards the original 12 episode series but it was funny. You don’t really need to watch the 12 episodes to get this one really. This episode was just for kicks.
  • Music: Of course, I wished they would of added new music but the original OP and ED wasn’t all that bad. Especially “Beautiful Day” by Yui Sakakibara.
  • Result: I gotta give it a 4/5. Not something exactly that you should go download right away, but if you are bored and got nothing to watch you might as well try this just for some giggles. The only parts I really laughed at was the parts with Shion. Well thats it for this review.