News: Update!

The following has been updated and will be updated again once I get more info on it:

  • Release Date Schedule page
  • Community – AnimeNfo Radio and AnimeYume Radio added!

Although the column “Following Week” has some time guessed so if you the episode doesn’t release the date I have guessed sorry for false info. Genshiken has no episode for the whole month, the OVA is a monthly thing. Episode 2 for Genshiken was suppose to be released on Thursday but I couldn’t find any torrents for it so I have no clue whats currently going on with Genshiken.

Here is a gift from me, well from mini toyko to me to you. This is a wallpaper of CLAMP cross overs (if thats what its called). It has Sakura from Tsubasa, Yuuko & Himawari from XXXHOLiC. Scan is a bit grainy but it still makes a nice wallpaper. I’m giving this out because well, it looks nice and as a sorry gift for not blogging many episodes. Enjoy.

CLAMP Cross-Overs (XXXHOLiC/Tsubasa: RESEVoir CHRoNiCLE – Yuuko, Sakura, Himawari)
Download: 1444×1026 (best for 1280×1024 res) | 1600×1200 | Original Scan