New Favorite, Code Geass back on Schedule

  • Lately, I’ve been watching Code Geass. I can’t get enough of it and the story is way better than Gundam Seed. Just so you know, Gundam Seed and Code Geass is created by the same creator. I finished watching all the episodes I currently have which is up to episode 15. Although I never hated Code Geass I canceled it because I was a bit far into the anime and didn’t feel like writing up about it starting from Episode 1. I decide to start writing it starting on Episode 18.
  • Episode 18 release date: February 22, 2007


  • It’s kind of sad that Lelouch erased Shirley’s memory of him because she found out he was Zero. It would of been great if Shirley and Lelouch got together, although it sort of seems like he like C.C. more. I don’t exactly know since he is kind of strange. C.C. isn’t that bad either, always eating pizza from Pizza Hut and receiving this huge doll from them ha ha.