New Blog E-mail Address

We actually have a new blog email address now. Instead of me only getting applications and questions from you readers. Now our admins can all read it. Only our admins have access to this email address so you don’t have to worry about junior writers answering your questions or them accepting your application.

When this site was created our host asked me if I want a blog email address and I declined and I now regret it, oh well. Our blog email address is still gmail since it has 6.2GB of space. All of the pages that has links to our email or mention of which email address to email to has been updated to the new one.

Our new blog email address is: harukabanchou at gmailDOTcom. If you have any questions for our admins please email to that address from now on. Any questions emailed to my personal one from now on will be ignored.

On a side note, applications will not be taken until Spring 2008. Hanyouslayer has agreed to take screenshots for other writers to share load so it will be easier for us to pump out those reviews.

Our contact form is currently broken right now, we are trying to fix it as we speak so bear with us. So if you have any questions do not use the contact form, just email directly to our new blog email address. If you are wondering why its broken visit the contact us page. Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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  1. Aria and I will be monitoring the account frequently as to answer your questions and what-have-yous swiftly and respectively. Be sure to ask me over Aria though ^^ jk, no really, jk

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