New Anime Starting

April 1st which is a Sunday (awesome no april fools joke going to be played on me at school) there will be a bunch of new anime that will be releasing on that day. I’m sort of excited for Hayate the Combat Butler. Just the title of that anime makes me giggle so hopefully its a good anime.

A bunch of other ones are also releasing on that day probably 10 anime or so will be on that day. You can check AndrewLB to see the spring 2007 schedule of new anime releases.

There are 2 anime that I’m interested to see that is set to release on April 1st and they are:

Animanda fansubs has currently announced plans to sub Hayate the Combat Butler and Doremi-fansubs has released a promo trailer for Sola and hopefully they are going to sub Sola.

A anime that was released 2 days ago (March 28, 2007) was hitohira another series that I’m interested in but Hoshi ga Mitsu fansubs only announced plans for subbing it but hasn’t taken any action of doing it yet so I can’t watch this series yet. Hopefully they will start soon.

Anyways, if you don’t like the animes that I have listed and want to see what more is coming out on April 1st, visit AndrewLB’s anime wiki you will find a lot of anime info there.

Enjoy your anime!