Myself;Yourself – 13 (END)

Episode Summary: Back when Nanaka was taking violin lessons with her teacher Kaoru, who was an old friend of her parents became sick, she is told to take lessons from someone else but she refuses to learn from anyone else. When he passes away, at the funeral, Nanaka sees her father enraged. Later that night, Nanaka sees her father punch her mother. All she can do is watch while her father reveals he isn’t her father by blood. Her mother didn’t want to say anything because she though he would force her to have an abortion and she also wanted her to learn violin from her real father because she had inherited his talent. She couldn’t believe what she had seen after seeing who she though was her father beat her mother up and that her violin teacher is her real father. Disbelieving at the fact she tried telling herself it was all a dream. Later on she hears a loud voice downstairs. Her father phycotic, stands above his wife and sprays gasoline all over the place. He sees Nanaka and tosses he lighter. Nanaka then races upstairs to jump out with her violin and bracelet.

When Sana brings her home, he sits down and talks with her uncle. Filling him in on what he had heard from her earlier, although he admits he had suspected as much. Her uncle tells of the relationship Kaoru and Nanaka’s parents. Before passing away, Kaoru confesses eveything to her father. Her father tells her uncle that he felt betrayed by his best friend and wife and he wishes to kill them. He has always wish that he had taken his words more seriously and he wished that Nanaka would never have to go through the same pain again.

Following days, Sana tries his best to see Nanaka everyday but is denied by the fact she doesn’t wish to see anyone, But one day, Sana finds the door open and that Nanaka is taking a bath. He waits a long time for to get out but when he hears the water contantly running he then reflects how he used similar methods to slit his wrists. When he rushes in, he sees Nanaka attempting the same thing. He suffered from a quick metal breakdown and then pulls her out. After the event, he tries telling her no matter what she thinks, she shouldn’t think about suicide, causing Nanaka to be enraged when he doesn’t know what it feels like. Sana reveals the scars under his watch to show what his life has been like since he had left. Sana recalls what Nanaka had said earlier, reaching out to the Sana she knew during elementary school, which Sana had hope for too, that everything remained the same as he had left it. Though Sana had still wish to die after the failed suicide he doesn’t feel the same as before or else he wouldn’t have stopped Nanaka from making the biggest mistake of her life like he did.

10 years after

While Hinako is preparing to go out, Youta yells at her for taking so long. While walking to the concert Aoi runs to Hoshino. She thanks Hoshino for running the opposition against the new city hall or else the park wouldn’t still be here. While Nanaka prepares for her concert, Sana comes in to give her a ring. Their old homeroom teacher is even there to reward Sana a caramel to award him because he has become a man, along with Shuu and Shuusuke. When the concert begins, Nanaka welcomes everyone. The piece she will be playing is something it took her very long to compose and named it Myself;Yourself.

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