Myself;Yourself – 12

Episode Summary: During school in the morning, Sana and Nanaka run into each other, both shocked to see each other. During lunch, Aoi makes lots of food to try and cheer everyone up, but both not hungry. still upset about what happened. When Sana returns home, he thinks about Shuu when he is interrupted by a delivery from Shuu, but no phone or address is listed. He leaves to buy a bento and while returning home he runs into his teacher. They sit together and talks about the twins. She feels depressed about the twins and not being able to do anything for them. Sana awards his teacher with the drink he won and cheers her up.

During lunch the group plan to go down to the river and enjoy themselves. While preparing to leave his house, a phone call from Aoi chan, telling him ( faking) a cold. She plans to try and get Sana and Nanaka together once again. She feels that it’s better for the both of them if they were together and that Nanaka needs Sana the most. While together at the bus stop, Nanaka notices the fishing rod given to Sana but is saddened when there was no address where the twins were. Finally when Sana gets the bait on the rod, Nanaka is worried about it’ll take a long time to get lunch ready. In the end ,Sana failed to catch any fish. Aoi seemed to have forseen Sana failing, and had made lunch for them just in case with Nanaka. The lunch Nanaka made of only cookies and fried eggs, being the only things she knows how to make. Nanaka overjoyed and embarrased when Sana tells her the food was delicious, being that she made it. The two really enjoy themselves when playing in the river

After playing they hike up the mountain so Sana can show Nanaka a surprise, though she’s very worried they may be lost and that it started raining. They finally reach their distination and Sana jokes about being a bear den and one hibernating inside. The two walk deep within, when they reach the end, Sana surprises Nanaka with minerals on the cieling that resemble the nightsky. It was something that was a secret between Shuu, and if he were to find out he would be angered. He vows to apologize to him the next time they meet.

When they began talking, Nanaka ask about the watch and wonders if it was from a girlfriend, although he says it isn’t. He then asks about why Nanaka put all those letters for him in the mailbox instead of mailing them directly to him. She was scared after the fire, noticing herself she had turn into a gloomy person and stopped playing the violin. When she holds the violin, she feels pain and her head spins, relating something to her lost memory. She thought since she had changed, she also thought the Sana was no longer the same he knew. If she put the letters from the mailbox that it would reach elementary Sana. Although he’s changed a little, The Sana once knew, the Sana she loves is still the same.

When Nanaka wakes from her nap, Sana isn’t around and Nanaka is terrified when she sees the sunset. She finds herself within a fire and starts uncontiously walking. When she sees herself falling, she, in real life walks off the edge of the cliff and has flashback, luckily Sana catches her. She recalls everything from the fire, Mom, Dad, and Sensei?
Episode ends as she yells about her doing something.