Myself;Yourself – 11

Episode Summary: Sana visits Hoshino at the hospital and brings her a book. Hoshino believes her injury is the cause of her writing the letter to the principle. She revealed that first year she had confessed to Shuri, and that she was always pretending to be a good kid. When she had confessed, Shuri had told her that she couldn’t accept her feelings but wants to continue being friends like always. Shuri acts like if nothing had happened, which ended up bringing a intense hatred for her even though she still wanted to be friends with her. She was in denial and feared losing Shuri, and pretended to be her friend, But on that at the park , she felt as there was no room for her because Shuri would only reveal her feelings to her brother. She began thinking about ways to separate the two and thought of the scandal. She reveals that she was a terrible person that would always plot malicious ways against hated students and teachers.

While on the bus to the hospital, she wanted her to suffer more, but wants her to see her crying. Although she hated Shuri, she herself doesn’t understand why she protected Shuri. When Shuri and Shuusuke come and visits her, they bring her treats, but Hoshino hides herself and pretends nothing had happened. When everyone is about to return home, Hoshino asks to speak to Shuri alone. Sana and Shuusuke start talking outside while waiting, and Sana reveals what happened on the Ferris wheel with Nanaka, and the conversation ends up being interrupted when Shuri runs out crying to Shuusuke.

When her father returns home, he starts yelling for his wife but only to see Shuri. He reveals that her departure for London would be soon. The next day Shuri tells everyone during lunch that she’s leaving and why. Everyone agrees that they will continue to see each other but the twins look depressed. While in class the twins are missing and Sana thinks to himself about Shuusuke and immediately runs out of the class when he figures out what is going on. While at the train station the twins think about what will happen after they leave and what people will think. Sana reaches them but is suddenly stopped but a guard and couldnt get on. He did run into his aunt and borrowed her bike and caught up with the train. When catches up to the train he yells something to them, but the train was too loud, except Shuusuke knows what he’s yelling. He reveals the when he was younger and Sana was leaving he yelled out the same thing, ” No matter where you are , we”ll always be friends!

I never usually write what I thought about the episodes, but I thought this episode was so intense. I had no idea Hoshino was so corrupted and messed up, or a lesbian…… This episode was so emotional and now two characters leave the show. An applaud for the writers for such a surprise. I seriously would have never guessed she would be an antagonist. They pulled her character off so nicely. There is only one episode left and based on the preview it looks like it’ll be another great one. I really hope no one dies.