Myself;Yourself – 10

Episode Summary: One night while the twins are at home, their stepmom is out drinking with someone, she complains about how the twins treat her and is taken to a love hotel. The next afternoon the twins go out and visit their mom’s grave. Shuuri tries to hold Shuusuke’s hand like when they were kids, making her remember how she felt when their mother was still alive. While on their way home Shuusuke decide to stop and eat to end his maigre days. When it starts getting late they start walking but Shuusuke couldn’t find himself to hold her hand.Shuri finds a shop that’s still open, and looks at Misangas. Shuusuke buys her one for a present, and in return, she also.

The next day the twins are brought to the principle’s office, being accused of being going into a love hotel by an annominous letter. Their teacher becomes furious when the vice principle starts to believe that the accusations are true and says there are no way for them to prove what they did that day. The principle decides that they will not invesgate this any further because of the credibility. When they get home their father is furious and punches Shuusuke, worrying about his elections and the possibility of the media finding out a scandal. When they arrive in school the twins find their name under a love umbrella at school causing Shuuri to be embarrased and runs out, Shuusuke instead is furious and questions the class.

While on the bus visiting grandma, Shuri explains what happened today while. Hoshino brings apples for her and the group is surprised when Shuuri volunteers to cut the apple. It turns out she is awful like Hoshina and Sana expected, but then Shuuri cuts her finger. Hoshino leaves the room to get bandages and Sana notices the blood on the knife and terrifies him to the point he must leave the room. Shuuri and Hoshino are worried about his behavior and Hoshino leaves and goes and check on him. Grandma mentions the legend of the twin hills to Shuri, she goes on about how she needed sacrifices to make her wishes to come true. She freaks about her grand daughter being in the accident, and how it was a mistake her life was taken. She reveals that she sacrificed the bird and the cat, but the Sakuras havn’t bloomed. She believes that she really needs a human sacrifice and gets up and targets her, while Hoshino and Sana return to the room. Hoshino takes the protects Shuri, which causes her to get hurt and lays on the floor bleeding. Hoshino is taken to surgery and is revealed she will be fine.

When Shuri returns home her father tells her that Shuri that she must attend a public boarding school. He tries to act that it’s for the benefit of her but Shuri thinks otherwise that he only cares about his elections and only trying to get rid of her so he doesn’t have any problems with the town hall development scandal. Shuri runs to her room and slams the door causing Shuusuke checks on her, she reveals to him that she must go to London and that Hoshino protected her today in the Hospital. She cries about how if they even tried arguing about moving that it’ll end being the same, just like when their father got married. He suggest that they run away together far away where their father’s hands can’t reach. Shuusuke tells her, that if she’s feeling uncertain or scared that he will be the one now to lead her out.