Myself;Yourself – 09

Episode Summary: Nanaka begins talking to herself in the mirror trying to find a way to apologize to Sana. Even with the practice she had Nanaka is too embarrassed to apologize to Sana in front of everyone.

While helping with her aunt in the kitchen, a fish catches on fire and Nanaka has a flashback about the fire and starts mentally breaking down and screaming. When Nanaka is in her room calmed down, she tells her uncle that she started to remember something but her uncle tells her not to force herself. The same night she has a dream about the fire and a mysterious man. She gets up to get a drink of water and overhears the conversation her uncle and aunt are having. Her aunt suggests that they bring Nanaka to a hypnotist, so a chance of her memory can return. Her uncle find it uneccessary and she points out as if her memories returned would be a problem. Upon hearing that Nanaka remembers her parents having a conversation like her aunt and uncle. Nanaka returns to her room and reflects the actions of her uncle and remembers after the incident when she was in the Hospital, the 2 detectives suspected her uncle and said her uncle and father often had arguments over the temple.

The next day everyone goes to the theme park with the tickets Aoi’s father had received. Hina and Aoi starts off very excited, but after all the rides Hinako is exhausted while Aoi doesnt seemed to be. The twins join Hinako on the next ride while Sana and Nanaka sits out. They happened to meet Asami and her younger cousin, who is extremely shy Youta. They all go into the Haunted house and though Nanaka claims she isn’t scared, when two monster shock her, she runs immediately to Sana’s arm. Hinako and Youta are still in the house and Hinako tries to be brave in front of Youta but in reality, she is so scared she had to close her eyes. After that, they see a show where Hinako is chosen to be the “prisoner” and the group gets excited and cheers. After the show Youta gets a picture with the red Animanger with a autograph.

Then the group rides the Ferris wheel, where Sana and Nanaka are alone in a car by themself. Nanaka is glad that they are alone and it gives her the opportunity to apologize about what happened yesterday. Sana says she doesn’t need to apologize and tells her what he wanted to tell her the most ( They’ll stay together from now on no matter what happens). Meanwhile on the other car, Shuusuke yells at Shuri and tells her not to force herself being cheerful and to let out her emotions and cry. While on the ride Hoshino was the only one noticing Shuri crying. After the ride Shuri is returned to normal though Asami hasn’t forgotten her crying.