More Episodes Tomorrow! I promise!

I realize that I planned on finishing Rental Magica last night, and I worked on it all day, only two more until the end of the series, but I went on Call Of Duty 4 and lost track of time. I mean, you all can relate right, COD4 consumes time and never gives it back. I plan on getting up early tomorrow to crank out the last few, and I also plan on doing some Shugo Chara and Spice and Wolf. I already have a few reviews done, I just need the screenshots. Anywho, I do apologize, and I will get on it tomorrow. I don’t want Spring Break to be over! I wonder if ARIA will ever start reviewing again, you can blame him for my laziness if you would like, which you would ^^

Also, why don’t you people ever leave comments? I mean, ARIA is kinda lame lol, but I am willing to respond and take criticism. I would like to see people that drop by leave a note or whatnot, but it’s all good I guess, as long as you come to see me, read some reviews, or listen to the podcasts. Check out the Wolf’s Whistling Song in the music box, it’s pretty cool.

4 thoughts on “More Episodes Tomorrow! I promise!

  1. Thanks for your input, we think so too. So far ARIA keeps shutting down my banner ideas, but it is probably for the best. Then again, I could just change it myself when he isn’t looking lol.

  2. OMOMG! Thanks god ur using this theme because now you can really help me! Can I send an email asking for your help? Because I’m a noob at CSS stuff, plus I’d leave lots of comments if you blogged anime I watch! >

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