Moar Updates – The Migration And The Future

Right now I’m moving everything that I use onto the Macbook Pro.  I managed to get Photoshop and CuteFTP on the Macbook so that’s good that’s mainly the programs I will be needing.  I cannot get any screencapture program for the Mac so I can’t do any screenshots on this laptop nor can I get Irfanview to edit the screens.  Therefore, those programs will have to be used on the desktop still, so I guess my desktop still will be of some use until I find some sort of program like Irfanview and Fraps for the Mac.  There was a program that allows screencapture like fraps called Snapz X or something like that but it was not similar so I had no clue how to use it.

I’ll probably try to search for Irfanview for Mac if there is one.

As of tomorrow, Monday September 8th, 2008 the figure for Feena Fam Earthlight should arrive to my doors.  So expect a review of it very soon.  Future reviews that will be happening soon is the newest game from Square-Enix, Sigma Harmonics.  I have ordered the game from Play-Asia and the processing and shipping should begin on Monday and arrive on Friday of the same week so, expect 2 new reviews coming soon.