Moar Updates – 5.2.3

Another small update in just a few hours.  There was a 5.2.3 preview in the previous post and it is now up and working.  First off, the preview was just a… let’s say beta.  As you can see it is a bit different from the preview.  The color of the header has changed, and how the image is display info has changed.  After the jump this will all be explained in great detail.

In the preview it displayed, the anime title and the episode number.  However, we have changed that to just the anime title and the date it was posted.  This is because we are going to be doing reviews as a whole instead of episodic.  Occasionally we may do episode review if it calls for it but most likely we would do it as an entire series.  That being said, we are also reviewing older series.  Series that I havent really watched but have decided to even though it might be a few year old, these ones are 100% entire series review and 0% episodic.  For now, the Recent Reviews section of the sidebar will only display the anime we have completed.  In the future it will display any review, up to 5 recent ones.  It can be either a figure review, a game review or an anime review.  Any review will be under there for your convenience.

Here is the release notes for 5.2.3:

v5.2.3 – Minor Update

+ Added Recent Reviews to sidebar
+ Author’s name on posts, pages are now display in a light blue instead of gray like the categories its filed under
/ Changed Episode Summaries from the drop down menu to Anime
/ Changed how things are done around here, read Moar Updates – 5.2.3 post for more info

I do realize that the font on the images for recent reviews can be a tad bit hard to read but some you can see perfectly fine.  I think I just need to find the right image to use or something.  I’ll think about what has to be done to make it easier to read.  Until then expect great things in 5.2.4 if I can think of any other new ideas lol.