Moar Updates – 5.2.2

Like I mentioned in 5.2.1 post, we will be doing quite a few stuff to the sidebar.  I remembered I had a photoshop concept of a website I wanted to build with the help from my friend, it was suppose to be like this site but more of a image site with the occasional manga/anime/games review thrown in from time to time.  However, that never happened.

Either way, I bring you 5.2.2, it basically has a less dull look to the sidebar.  I’m pretty sure you can notice the difference right now, eh? eh?  I knew it caught your eyes.  I’m not too crazy about Animeblogger’s header color though, couldn’t think of any other color that looks cool so I just chose pink lol.  5.2.3 will be released soon, after the jump you will see a poll for this post, the changes in 5.2.2, and a preview of 5.2.3.

Here is a list of what was changed during this little update:

v5.2.2 – Minor Update

+ Added a new look to the sidebar content (AB Donation, Poll of the Day, Latest Figure, Animeblogger, and Meta headers)
/ Changed Header and Footer image
/ Changed MP3 Player song

v5.2.3 New sidebar Feature Preview