Moar Updates – 5.2.1

This update was for the sidebar especially.  It’s nothing major, it’s just a minor update and a few fixes.  As you can see now we have added a “Latest Figure” content to the sidebar.  I added this for the readers’ convenience to know if any new figure has been added to the Upcoming Figures page of the blog.  It also made the sidebar look a lot more pretty with the help of the visual aid of the figure.  With the sidebar not being used completely and pretty much empty, in the future there might be other things added to it.  Since we use a drop down menu to categorize our pages and posts, it gives us more room in the sidebar to add things.  Before this, we actually would have a sidebar packed with text and it would drag down the blogs length and you would have to scroll down great lengths just to get to what you want.

Well anyway, here is a list of what was changed during this little update:

v5.2.1 – Minor Update/hotfix

+ Latest Figure has been added to the sidebar for readers to know if any new figures has been added via sidebar
/ Fixed several issues with the sidebar look
/ Fixed Polls having weird listed look for the Title of the poll
/ Fixed where the sidebar borders are, they are now further apart from each content so now it looks like separators
* Unable to fix Meta and Poll of the Day borders, currently working on it
* Future “Latest” or “Recent” may be added to the sidebar for readers’ convenience