Minami-ke – 13 (END)

Episode Summary: At the Minami residence, there are two sets of clothes that Kana will have Makoto and Touma wear on New Years Day. Makoto will get the bright Kimono, which he states cannot hide his manly Japanese spirit, but it looks good on him. Next up is Touma, who gets over enthusiastic, but she needs some shame, for she is exposing her breast. When Kana and Uchida pass judgment on the two, they find Makoto to be regretful for the first time meeting him in a bad sense, and Touma to be regretful for the first time meeting her in a good sense; Kana tells Makoto to rest assured, for Haruka will think he will look cute. Yoshino shows up and states that the clothes suit them, and then says that it is customary for a woman to not wear her underwear when in a kimono. At this, Makoto starts to take his underwear off in order to get praise from Haruka, but is stopped by Uchida, who is being stopped by Touma.

Kana is amazed that one sentence can change a whole scene, and praises Yoshino. Meanwhile, Riko is hesitant to invite Fujioka to the New Year’s shrine, and Keiko tells her that if she does not ask him soon, he will make other plans. Keiko hands Riko Fujioka’s number, and she picks up a call from Kana, and while Kana is talking to Keiko, Riko tries to call Fujioka, who is trying to call Kana. Fujioka is practicing while he waits, and discovers that Haruka and Chiaki are also called Minami; he then revises his speech. He wonders if san is too formal, and tries chan, but uses san. He tries to call again, but Kana is asking Keiko about getting her getting 100 marks and a new phone; and while they are talking, Riko and Fujioka try again.

Later, Riko tries again, but Fujioka is trying to call Kana again; they both pause for a moment, and give the call one more time, and end up with the same results. When the topic of a phone bill comes up, Keiko states that the bill isn’t high unless you use it for a long time, which they have been talking for two hours. Keiko states that it is fine, since the bill gets charged on Kana’s because she called her; with that, Kana calls Keiko a “Filthy one-hundred point monster” and hangs up. During this time, Riko thinks that she cannot get through to Fujioka because her number is blacklisted, and Fujioka thinks that he should have invited Kana before winter break; he states that if he just shows up, he might see her there. At dinner, Haruka states that Kana should not be on the phone all day, and Kana says that she should give the bill to Keiko; she then throws her billing address at her, and gulps down dinner.

At a buckwheat noodles shop, Hosaka is making noodles, and while he works he gets all sweaty. So he unbuttons part of his shirt, he repeats until he totally unbuttons his shirt, and repeats until it is fully unbuttoned. While he is boiling the noodles, he has a daydream about Haruka, yet again; They are on a cruise liner, and he made her buckwheat noodles. When he is about to give them to her, Kana and Chiaki come out from under her dress and take the noodles, and then the two stand at the edge of the ship basking in the breeze; when an older worker asks Natsuki why Hosaka is making noodles on his own Natsuki states that he is making them for his lover, and that he should need no other reason. When Hosaka is finally done daydreaming, he shares his noodles with Natsuki, who finds it wonderful, but wonders why Hosaka did not use 100 percent buckwheat; Hosaka responds that he thinks a meal should bring peace to the heart, and that girls feel the same way.

Hosaka then takes off towards the Minami residence, while the girls are watching a ten hour special of Sensei and Ninomiya-kun. In that episode, they finally don’t get hit by a car, but Ninomiya falls off a cliff into the ocean. Their show is interrupted by a visitor, and to find who will get the door, they do rock-paper-scissors; of which, Kana loses. When Kana opens the door, Hayami hands her a big bag of imported “juices”. She walks in and asks when they are going to visit the shrine, and Haruka states they will decide when Makoto and the others arrive. Meanwhile, Kana is in the kitchen, inspecting the suspicious drinks; Kana comes back with the drinks, and after one sip, Chiaki has to run for water. Haruka asks what is wrong with it, and Hayami only says that they are imported.

Chiaki runs back in and tells Haruka that there are a bunch of suspicious drinks sitting in the kitchen, and Hayami proposes a game. The game is Strip Twister while watching Macho Men. Kana sneezes, which causes Haruka and Chiaki to lose, and their punishment is to strip or have some “juice”. Kana whips out a camera, for it is a win win situation for her. They take the “juice”, and end up feeling sick; but Hayami states that the games have just begun. In the end, Haruka and Chiaki are laying all sick on the floor, while Hayami and Kana are in perfect condition. Haruka and Chiaki awaken and are not their usual selves.

Chiaki states that Haruka is scary, and Haruka starts to cry; and Chiaki is blind and just wants to hang on Haruka. The doorbell rings, and two new contestants are entered. After everyone except Kana and Hayami are passed out, Hayami decides it is time to visit the shrine. Kana states that they have gone to far, and Hayami grabs Kana and tells her that they should go somewhere alone. Kana realizes that she is trying to get her alone for a special reason, and she realizes that Hayami is the most drunk of them all.

She tries to make a break for it, but Hayami snags her before she gets away. As Kana falls, she hits the remote, which changes the station to Sensei and Ninomiya-kun, where they finally get married and kiss. Hayami turns towards Kana and plants a big kiss straight on the lips. All the while, Hosaka is looking for the Minami residence, and he ends up on top of a mountain at the edge of the city. He states that he is happy that Haruka is sitting in the city with her family, awaiting the new year. He then busts out his noodles he made for four and laughs aloud to the city. A lot of good times to be had brings upon the ending to Minami-ke – 13 “Love Going Around in Circles”.

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