Minami-ke – 12

Episode Summary: On an overcast day near Christmas, Kana and Haruka are sitting at their kotatsu. Kana states that Christmas is nearing, but who knows when it will come. Kana says that Chiaki will probably have a distant look in her eyes when she hears the word Santa. Haruka states that that happened two years ago when Chiaki saw Takeru, their first cousin that visited a few episodes back, changing into Santa; Kana replies that that must have been traumatic for her to witness, and she concludes that Takeru will visit again as Santa. She then states that she must bring back Chiaki’s dreams. That night, the girls are watching the Fundoshi Santa Fest, and Chiaki asks if Santa will come this year.

Chiaki states that it doesn’t look like Santa will come, but Kana is glancing at the clock, waiting for something; Takeru has come to be Santa for Chiaki, but as he arrives, Fujioka walks in to do Santa. Takeru calls the house, and is told that Fujioka is a friend of Kana’s, so he will come back the next day. Fujioka changes into Santa and goes into Chiaki’s room when she is in bed; he lays a present for Chiaki next to her, and they make eye contact as he leaves. Chiaki runs out and tells Haruka that she saw Santa; and when she sees Kana, she gets laughed at. Kana finally gets to tell her that she is still a child and an idiot, which turns into a fist fight. When Chiaki is sleeping that night, she dreams about her teddy bear beating up a big bear that tries to take it’s fishing spot, but ends up feeling empty until he sees Santa.

Christmas at the other Minami residence starts the same, watching the news. The eldest brother turns it off because they are talking about something important, which is about the present that they will get Touma; they have been holding meetings for an entire week and it is already Christmas, and they still do not have a present. Akira states that they already decided, that they would get Touma cleats or a new soccer ball, but the eldest brother states that those are not what she really wants; he then pulls out a letter to Santa from Touma. Even though Touma is laying right next to them, they keep conversing on the subject; in the letter, it says “Screw you, just hand over the new soccer ball or spiked shoes.”, which they come up with the thought that Touma cannot even be true to Santa. They argue about getting those items is feminine enough or not for awhile, and start talking about their types of girls. The eldest brother states that he would support his girl if she played soccer, and when Akira tries to put his two cents in, he gets shut down; Natsuki starts to talk about his type, but remembers Haruka’s unbuttoned shirt, and slams his head down.

To get a better idea, they start talking about past Christmas’ and bring forth the Touma’s Growth book; they look at Touma’s first Christmas, and decide that it wont do them any good that long ago, so they move on to last Christmas; they realize that she looks annoyed. They go back one year further to see what this is about, and see that a mystery is on their hands. They go back to kindergarten and see her participating in the Shichigosan, which is a festival which five to seven year olds pay tribute to a shrine for their growth; they recall that at that age, she use to follow them everywhere, and was also popular with the neighbors due to her cuteness. At this, Touma kicks all of her brothers and states that they should make a proper Christmas, rather than stare at old albums. Akira states that because Touma has become tomboyish is because she has been surrounded by her good-for-nothing brothers, and thus, they could never celebrate a normal Christmas; the eldest is not content with that, and states that they cannot be sure about that yet.

The next day, Christmas Eve, Fujioka remembers that he did not give Kana his gift, and that it is a Christmas gift, there is no problem that it be delivered on Christmas Eve. He imagines that when he goes to deliver the gift, she gives him some pudding, and when he tries it Kana seems to be surprised that he is still fine because it is three days before it’s best by date; they then each eat pudding at the Minami residence. He comes back to reality and heads over to the Minami residence to find Takeru waiting outside in his Santa costume. They wait for them all day, for the Minami’s are out; they went out to eat. Chiaki asks if it is O.K. to eat out, and Haruka says that it is fine to splurge on Christmas Eve. When Kana says that Chiaki does not know how to live life at her age, Chiaki states the same to her; as they argue, Haruka can’t help but feel as if she forgot something.

Takeru and Fujioka are still waiting for them in the snow; Takeru checks his watch noticing that it is late, and says that he is going, and Fujioka decides to do the same. The next day, Touma is over again, and Kana asks that she is Chiaki’s brother, but when she goes home, she becomes a sister; Kana states that she lives a double life, and she should pick it up also. Kana says that she will have breakfast at home, lunch at school, dinner at Touma’s, a snack at Keiko’s place, and supper at Uchida’s. Touma asks if she should give money for food since she eats there a lot, and Chiaki says no while Kana says 380 yen a meal; when Haruka comes home, she says that as a younger brother, she does not have to pay. Kana sees the three of them, along with a vision of them being angels, and asks where the snack is. Haruka says that Kana was suppose to be having a snack with Keiko, and busts out some delicious cake for Touma, Chiaki, and herself.

When Kana calls Keiko, she says that she already had the snack, and at this, Kana says she will leave fingerprints on her glasses. That evening, Fujioka is out moping about not giving his present to Kana when he sees her running towards him; he tries to talk to her, but she runs past him towards a sale of eggs. When Kana gets home, she sees Chiaki watching the news with her new teddy she got from Fujioka. While Chiaki watches the news, Kana asks what kind of animal it is, and she is told a teddy bear. With that, Kana says it looks like he didn’t catch many salmon; Kana states that she should take good care of it, and Chiaki says that she is, it is the bear’s will when Kana gets smacked. Kana says that it should have a name, and Chiaki allows Kana to name it. Kana decides on the name Fujioka, like the Santa, and she gets hit with the bear; which means that it likes the name.

Chiaki states that Fujioka likes the name, but not Kana, and Kana responds that it is a cheeky toy. Chiaki beings talking for Fujioka, and states that he will hunt Kana just like a king salmon; at this, Kana attacks Fujioka, and he says though Chiaki that it hurts. At this, Chiaki hits Kana multiple times with Fujioka, and she says it is Fujioka’s will. The next day, the real Fujioka is resolved to give his present to Kana, and Kana comes to a stop in front of him; she states that he has to consider the feelings of the recipient, and with that, she goes off shopping again. Fujioka begins to wonder if Kana will be happy with the present, and shows up at the Minami residence later that night with a different present. Fujioka gives Kana a bigger present, which turns out to be boneless ham. Haruka concludes that that gift is a year end present, and we see Fujioka walking away in victory, which ends Minami-ke – 12 “Of Christmas and Eves”

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  1. you really get to see how Chiaki is still a child, yet grown at the same time. Keep up the good reviews!

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