Minami-ke – 11

Episode Summary: Touma’s family finds that Touma has recently been coming home late recently, and find that it is O.K. as long as it’s good company. They find that whenever Touma comes home, she recieves a call from the Minami residence, that she has been more boy like, and that she has a foul mouth. Touma’s brothers come to the conclusion that she is acting more boyish because she has found a boy she liked. The three brothers resolve that the youngest boy follow Touma to the Minami residence to thank them and to do some reconnaissance; the next day, Touma explains that one of her brothers followed her, and Haruka immediately deduces that Touma’s family does not trust them.

The group decides to let the boy in, who is named Akira, and upon entry, presents them with a package of barred soap. Kana takes offense, that he talks about the maidens heart, and that Haruka will need more than bars of soap to be pleased; but Haruka appears to be relieved. Kana states that if he wants to find out how Touma is treated, he will get the same treatment. Akira is invited to stay for dinner, and meanwhile, Haruka calls Akira’s brothers to let them know that they have Touma and Akira with them. She talks in a low pitched voice because she has a high pitched voice on the phone, but she is mistaken for a kidnapper. The next day at school, Akira asks about the woman’s heart topic, and Kana tells him it is a joke.

Akira states that he is always thinking of how to obtain a girlfriend, especially in math. Kana asks him about his type, and he tells her that as long as she is not like Kana, she is perfect. When asked about how he feels about Haruka, he states that he originally felt fear, but he loves her long hair; Kana points out someone in the class with long hair, and he approves. Unfortunately, she has fallen for Fujioka, and unfortunately, Fujioka only has eyes for Kana. Fujioka spots Kana and Akira, and resolves to go have a chat with Kana to find out what their relationship is; as Fujioka walks toward them, Kana states that she will find him a nice girl, but Akira is wondering who Fujioka is. When he asks, he is told that he is the Banchou, and that he has a powerful kick.

Akira thinks he is going to be kicked because he was staring at the long-haired girl, who he takes to be Fujioka’s girlfriend. Akira jumps to a conclusion and tells Fujioka that he prefers girls like Kana, and that he does not mess around with others’ girlfriends; he then proceeds by making a quick escape. As he sprints away, Fujioka catches up stating that Akira meant he wanted to fight. Akira states that he is wrong and runs faster, but is again caught by Fujioka, who asks him his class number and name. Later, back at the Minami residence, Touma, Chiaki, and Kana are talking about Akira, and that he has been depressed lately. Kana says she will cheer him up, and the next day at school she tries to get him to laugh.

Fujioka takes this as them being close, and becomes intense; and the everything starts up again. As school ends, Chiaki is walking home and is waiting at a stoplight, when a construction truck comes to a stop; this sudden action flings a rock by Chiaki, who names it Yamada. Chiaki kicks Yamada all the way back home, up a hill, across a bridge, across a street, along a river, and over puddles. When Chiaki is about home, she is interrupted by Kana, who unknowingly kicks Yamada into a passing construction truck; Chiaki chases, but trips, leaving Yamada on the truck. At dinner that night, Kana and Haruka find that Chiaki is not eating, and are told that Yamada left on a truck; Haruka and Kana believe Yamada to be a boy, and Kana gets a scolding for making him go away. The next day at dinner, Akira is talking about his brother Natsuki, who was once aggressive, but when he joined the volleyball team, became passive.

The next day, Natsuki is asked by Hosaka if he can go to practice, but is told that he has to make the family meals that day. Hosaka asks him to try a bento, to approve it for Haruka, but Natsuki states that he already ate and can not give a just opinion; although, he ends up opining a few items when he said he was not hungry, for he made a cover because does not know what kind of tastes women like. After school, Akira and Kana are talking on the phone about Natsuki, when there is a crash that ends their phone call. The next day at school, Natsuki goes to Haruka’s class to greet her. Two of Haruka’s classmates introduce Haruka and Natsuki, and one pushes him into Haruka’s bosom. Everyone in the class notices this, and Haruka states that they have to resolve the matter immediately; Haruka then punches him hard in the nose.

While recovering in his own class, Natsuki is approached by Hosaka, who wants him to taste another bento that he made for Haruka. When Natsuki tries the bento, he states that it is delicious, but unfortunately, he can not smell it. That night, when Haruka is making dinner, Chiaki and Kana notice that her chopping is flustered. The next morning, Natsuki is asked about Haruka, and all he says is that he got into trouble; he remembers and smashes his head down on the table in shame. When Touma goes over to the Minami residence after school, she finds Haruka laying face down on the carpet. Kana states that she is fine, she is just lazy when her deeds cannot be seen by others. She explains that when Haruka came home, she must have thought to take a nap.

Kana proves her theory by turning Haruka over, exposing her misconstrued buttons. Touma states that Natsuki came by to apologize; he comes in and says his thanks and apology, but unfortunately, Haruka is sleeping like a rock. When Kana finally gets Haruka awake, she sits up and exposes her cleavage due to her misconstrued buttons. At this, Natsuki slams his head down, and when he raises it, Haruka realizes that he is the boy from the other day and also Touma’s brother. With this, he slams his head right back down, and Haruka apologizes, punching him was too far. As she explains, Chiaki enters the room and points out that Haruka’s shirt is mis-buttoned. As Haruka punishes Kana for not telling her directly, Touma notices Natsuki bleeding perfusly.

Haruka takes medical action, but when she does, Natsuki gets another sight at heaven and bashes his head down. Meanwhile, Akira is sitting at home with the eldest brother wishing he went as well. Thus ending Minami-ke Episode 11 “Neighbor Minami-san”