Minami-ke – 08

Episode Summary:
Suki da, Suki Desu
Another episode where Hosaka find ways of trying to be friends with Haruka. Hosaka is talking to Haruka’s friend, Maki about going to Haruka’s house. Maki breaks the news to him that he wasn’t even invited. Hosaka then begins to think of simulations of how to become Haruka’s friend so he can go to her house Hosaka hopes to be her friend by the end of school that day but once he fantasizes he doesn’t pay attention to his surroundings.

Hayami-senpai shows up and Maki wanted her to help out with Hosaka and Haruka’s problem. Of course Hayami isn’t like Maki; instead she wants to play around with this. She went to go get Haruka to meet with Hosaka. Hosaka started to ask Maki if “suki da” or “suki desu” is better. Maki wonders if there was really a difference, Hosaka in a loud voice says “of course there is!” Hosaka grabs Maki’s head and started yelling out suki da and suki desu to her to show the difference, what he didn’t notice was that Haruka arrived and saw the whole thing. Haruka started blushing and Maki tries to tell her it was a misunderstanding.

Godly Technique
Chiaki arrives home from school and sees a pack of bubblegum on the table. Kana comes out of the bathroom and sees Chiaki blowing a big bubble. Kana popped it and Chiaki asked “what do you think you are doing?” After Chiaki came out of the bathroom to wash the gum off her face, she sees Kana trying to blow a bubble but fails miserably who eventually bit the inside of her mouth trying to chew the gum.

Chiaki tells Kana that she will show her how to blow the bubble. Kana again popped it and said she couldn’t help it. Chiaki says that from now on it’s going to be an intensive training. Chiaki’s training doesn’t seem to help with bubble blowing so she shows Kana how to do it again. Kana pops the bubble again. Haruka comes home and saw bubblegum all over Chiaki’s face. Haruka started to blow bubble, Kana was surprised that even Haruka knew how. Chiaki stated that it isn’t an ordinary bubble. Haruka can blow a bubble inside a bubble and calls it the “Godly Technique”. Haruka stops the bubble blowing and started to make dinner.

Hayami-senpai loves to eat, especially if it’s from Haruka’s obento. She steals food from Haruka all the time she tells Hosaka. She asked “why don’t you just ask Haruka to share some food with you?” Sadly, Hosaka isn’t good of a friend with Haruka yet to be asking for food and he is too cowardly to even talk to Haruka right now. Hayami gives him a little push, now Hosaka is going to be making the obento to share with Haruka.

Since Haruka, and Maki are gone, Atsuko is the only one to talk to. Hosaka ask her about cooking. Atsuko asked if he was interested in cooking. For today he is, he wants to know how to cook so he can make the perfect obento for Haruka. He then asks where Haruka is. Atsuko tells him that she is buying bread. Hosaka is shocked that she didn’t bring an obento today and is eating bread. Atsuko tries to tell him that she did bring one but Hayami ate it all. Hosaka doesn’t even bother listening to her and runs off.

Haruka, Maki and Hayami came back from buying bread and sees that Atsuko is crying because Hosaka wouldn’t listen to her. The next day, Hayami sees that Hosaka packed obentos. Knowing Hayami, she breaks out the wooden chopsticks and started to steal some of Hosaka’s food that was meant for Haruka. Hayami takes and bite and said it was delicious, soon after knowing it’s made by Hosaka himself, Hayami drops her chopsticks and steps back. Hosaka thinks that the taste wouldn’t suit Haruka’s taste and still pursue to make the supreme obento.

No Rice, No Strength
It’s Monday morning and its rice for breakfast at the Minami household. Haruka opens the rice cooker and notices it’s empty. She asks “Kana what’s the meaning of this?” Kana thought she had put the rice in and cooked it but apparently not since the rice cooker is empty. Haruka must have her rice on Monday for breakfast otherwise she would have no strength.

At school, is lying face down on her desk. Maki ask “What’s wrong with Haruka?” Atsuko says because Haruka didn’t eat rice this morning she doesn’t have strength. Hayami pops out and says “Oh I see, Haruka is starving?” Then she has this evil smile. She goes to Hosaka and tells him that Haruka is starving. Hosaka then whips out the obenta that he plans on giving to Haruka at lunch. Lunch time starts and Maki notices Hosaka coming to their class. Hosaka standing at the door sees Atsuko giving Haruka riceballs. Haruka is so tired that she took a bite without taking the foil off.

Seeing this, Hosaka is disappointed that he wasn’t able to give Haruka his obento. As long as Haruka eats properly and smiles he won’t be needed. Haruka comes home and sees Chiaki hitting Kana and calling her dumb ass. Chiaki tells Haruka that Kana cooked rice. Haruka thought pasta was Monday’s food. Kana thought Haruka would want rice so she made rice.

Unsatisfied Haruka
Hosaka went shopping for ingredients for the supreme obento I’m assuming. Upon looking for ingredients he sees a huge fresh fish for sale. Hosaka’s simulation is happening again and this time, he and Haruka and their children are having hot pot. Soon after his fantasy started having Haruka and his children fade away, he thought that this won’t satisfy Haruka. He then grabs the fish and start to hug it and yell out he will make the ultimate obento.

Hayami, Maki and Atsuko sees Hosaka hugging the huge fish half naked. Hayami just smiles and giggles while Maki seems to have a normal reaction thinking it’s gross.