Kisaragi Podcast Episode 2 – Slice of Sunshine Pie

In this episode, we discuss on how we should do the applications to be part of Kisaragi’s Anime Blog. Hanyouslayer gives us an interesting fact about the Japan culture, what could it be? Hanyouslayer also tells us what’s going on for Shigofumi. More audio reviews, including Shugo Chara Episode 14 and BAMBOO BLADE Episode 17. Release dates of upcoming OP/ED Singles announced. Short break featuring the song 「Ringo Hiyori ~Wolf Whistling Song」. Recent Bandai Visual USA licensed anime announced then a little free discussion on anime and games.

Listen to the podcast here!

*NOTE* Due to Hanyouslayer being retarded playing the Vegeta thing where he says Over 9000, I had to cut a lot of the podcast and trying to make it seem like a continuous conversation. If there is a odd cut here and there, blame Hanyouslayer.

**NOTE NOTE, HANYOUSLAYER’S NOTE NOTE** Sorry for the horrible mic quality, I plan on ordering a new one tonight. Hopefully my new headset will get here before next week. Also, I am sorry for the oddity in the podcast, I take full responsibility for it.

3 thoughts on “Kisaragi Podcast Episode 2 – Slice of Sunshine Pie

  1. No not good times lol, it was annoying when he kept playing it over the podcast. You know how hard it was to edit that out? lol

  2. Hey guys, recently found your podcast and i really like them. Plz do more, and if you do do another one please let me be on it.Alright later. ^.^

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