Kisaragi Podcast Episode 1

This is the very first Kisaragi Podcast!

We address on why we haven’t been reviewing anime on the blog recently, mainly Aria’s and FCJC’s. Before reviewing gets started, we talk about FCJC’s position here on the blog and also the series he was covering. Hanyouslayer talks about Shugo Chara Ep 13 and Spice and Wolf Ep 3. Aria reviews BAMBOO BLADE Ep 16. We explain on why we have dropped H2O and GUNSLINGER GIRL. A Little short break featuring the song “Tabi no Tochuu”. We finish this podcast off, addressing which anime for spring we will be doing. Aria cannot tell the difference between a wolf and fox, then a watch list.

Sorry if you can hear my mouse scrolling, we’ll work on not making so much background noise next time. Be sure to send lots of fanmail regarding this podcast. If you have any questions we’ll be gladly to answer them on the podcast.

We’ve submit the podcast on iTunes but it’s taking them a while to put it up so you have to wait a bit. Once it is up, be sure to subscribe to us.

Listen to the podcast here!

One thought on “Kisaragi Podcast Episode 1

  1. Just finished listening to the podcast guys and I thought it was pretty well done for your first. I await the second edition. ^^

    Your podcast also reminds me to revive a previous podcast idea as well. 😀

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