Kimikiss pure rouge – 12

Episode Summary: Yumi reflects about her actions on the previous day and wonders what Kouichi thinks about her. There’s only 2 months left and she will do her best. During breakfast, Kouichi talks to Mao about Yumi, but suddenly runs away as soon as she asks him why Yumi is crying. He runs off without answering and while walking, Kazuki catches up with them in a very cheerful mood. The others suggest it’s as if something good happened. Meanwhile Sakino practices soccer and gets upset when Kazuki scores higher than her during the exams.

While walking to lunch, the two frog lovers catch up with Eriko and they all think about lunch and a new udon flavor. Afterwards, Eriko has lunch with Kazuki in the science room, and while on the topic of the experiments, Eriko believes the first experiment felt different from the last but the feelings arn’t bad. After class, Yumi and Kouichi walk home and while Mao is cleaning up she sees Kouichi and Yumi walk home and is interrupted by Kai, making her feel a bit lonely seeing them together.

While walking home, Yumi and Kouichi decide to go eat lunch together while Kazuki and Sakino practice soccer. Sakino sprains her ankle again……. and although Kazuki brings her into the nurse’s office, no one is there, and Kazuki checks her leg. Even though Kazuki is very worried for Sakino’s well being, Sakino tries acting as if nothing happened. He gives Sakino a ride on a bicycle while raining outside to the hospital to get it examined. Finishing their lunch, Kouichi and Yumi share an umbrella jointing arms.While running home, Mao sees Kouichi and Yumi close together. Her facial expression shows she’s sad about them together. At the clinic Sakino finds out her ankle is just sprained and there’s nothing to worry about. Being embarassed, Sakino thanks Kazuki. Waiting together in the room, Sakino becomes very embarrassed. Eriko is still in the science room as if she was still waiting for someone

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