Kimikiss pure rouge – 11

Episode Summary: As Mitsuki takes a bath, she tells herself she will do her best , While walking with Mao, Kouichi thinks about the previous night and wonders how Mao looks at him. When they meet up with the group, Yumi is still shy towards Kouichi. Once again the two pull out those DAMN FROGS!!…. anyways, when they reach Mitsuki’s house they are surprised by the mansion and are again shocked when Mitsuki comes in a limo to pick the group up because the walk is too far. While inside the mansion, everyone tries to figure out where to go. Mao and Akira decide to go outside, while the rest continue the tour with Mitsuki. Outside the garden, Mao thinks about Kouichi when she is interrupted by Sakino asking her a question about flowers, and we find out that Eriko is quite knowledgeable about flowers. Meanwhile, Akira is around the garden taking pictures, when suddenly trips and finds himself next to a guard dog.

Inside the music room, Kouichi and Kazuki look around, but then Kazuki suddenly asks Kouichi if Yumi and him have kissed Kouichi turns it around and ask about him and Eriko. Meanwhile, when the girls are in the library, Mao talks to Yumi, but sees that she’s spacing out; this makes her wonder what is going on with her, and while Mitsuki and Nana are in the kitchen, they are fathomed by the fact Mitsuki is so cool when tasting food.

Once dinner comes, everyone is left speechless with all the food in front of them. Everyone begins digging in the various food, Eriko being the only one with the “so-so” taste. Narumi being the only one thinking for ideas of ridiculous udon, and Yumi is still daydreaming. After dinner, Akira decides they have everything they need and the group tries and decide on something to do, when Eriko decides that hide and seek would be a great game.

Once the game starts, Nana is the seeker, and when Mao got green, she switched with Yumi, knowing that Kouichi had the same color. While hiding, Mao and Mitsuki are grouped together, and Mao asks her about her fiance. Mao finds her so cute when Mitsuki answers that she hopes they both fall in love. Then Mitsuki asks her if she had experience love, she really isn’t sure, and has flashbacks of Kouichi and Kai.

Kouichi and Yumi hide together behind the curtains, and Kouichi tries to comfort Yumi. The two are totally embarrassed, and Yumi tells him she wishes it would last forever. Meanwhile, Sakino and Akira hide together under the bed and dodge the two seekers. Sakino wonders if Kazuki and Eriko are dating. Akira believes that normal methods wouldn’t work for Eriko.

Kazuki and Eriko hide together, and she says the game was just an experiment. She is doubting her choice for hide and seek, and surprises Kazuki when she says she should have suggested a game they could play together. It seemed like she wanted to be alone, but now she doesn’t mind being with everyone, thanks to Kazuki. Suddenly, Eriko reaches over and kisses Kazuki, and the two blush. Eriko says it was an experiment during hide and seek ( totally not true), and then is found.

Apparently, that concludes the game and everyone starts walking home. When Mao sees Kazuki talking to Yumi, she feels lonely and runs off to Kai to seek comfort. Meanwhile, Kazuki and Yumi talk at the train station and plan to ride together, but Yumi starts to cry. When the train comes, she runs off, leaving Kazuki behind.