Kimikiss pure rouge – 10

Episode Summary: Kouichi helps Mao find her contacts, but what he finds is not the contact, but a Sax, he was so off tune and loud , It woke up Mao realizing it was just a dream.

In the morning, Kouichi is woken up by her mother, and is surprised that Mao is already up. Kouichi tries and start a conversation with Mao, but she doesn’t to seem to want to talk , and simply stares at him. When Kouichi suggests that a fight may have erupted with her and Kai she denies and returns to bed and reflects on the dream. When Kouichi decides to go out to the bookstore, he happened to run into Kai and they both agreed that they wanted to talk with each other. Kouichi expressed to Kai, that he is the only one who can make Mao happy again and asks that this meeting be a secret.

Meanwhile Kouichi leaves when it’s raining, Sakino and Kazuki are out practicing soccer and Mao still not feeling herself is found making dinner. Kouichi mom calls and says she won’t be coming home. Kouichi returns home soaking wet causing Mao to worry what had taken him so long. As Mao walks away she gets a call from Kai and they decide to go out tomorrow.

The next day Mao leaves for her date and tells Kouichi not to worry about her but worry about Yuumi. As soon as Mao leaves Kouichi begins to start collapsing. Kouichi spends his day alone with a high fever and calls Kazuki and finds out that he also caught a cold while practicing soccer. After his call, Akira comes to Kouichi’s house with news about the play. It had been decided that there will be a princess role, and that Mitsuki has agreed to be playing the Princess. Kouichi finds that his temperature is rising thinking about all this.

Elsewhere, Yuumi thinks about what her mother had said , something that was already decided, and calling Kouichi. After their date, Kai reveals what Kouichi had told him to do causing Mao to be furious when she returns home until she finds his fever had risen. Kouichi ends up falling asleep thinking about Mao and what had been bother her. Mao talks about her dream, and before she realizes Kouichi is already asleep and she learns over to kiss Kouichi but is shocked to see him open his eyes and the both of them stare at each other.