Kimikiss pure rouge – 09

Episode Summary: Everyone is looking over the play and Kouichi has a flashback of the previous night. Everyone agrees that the play should be more dramatic to capture the heart of the audience . When everyone is giving out their suggestions, Narumi and Nana pull out their frogs with swimsuit and thus gives the brilliant idea of having a service cut. The swimming tournament would be perfect and Akira suggests that they find a stylish girl to play in the swimsuit. After the meeting, Yumi and Kouichi walk home together. Yumi thinks that boys would be interested in girls in swimming suits, which causes embarrassment for Kouichi after agreeing. Then at the Jazz bar, Mao has a flashback about the previous night being really embarassed being seen with Kai. When Mao returns home, she’s in her room and Kouicchi comes into her room to get swim gear he left in Mao’s room, giving Mao an opportunity to show Koucchi her two peice from france. Though she says its no use for Kouichi to see her in the suit, she jokes about the idea of showing Kai.

At school the next day Kouichi and Aihara are split ito two different teams to take pictures of girls with their phone. Megumi catches them with their plan to take pictures and forbids them to take pictures in the pool area. The race begins and Sakino is being cheered by everyone and Sakino wins the 50m free stlye. Afterwards, the group all have lunch together and they talk about how great Sakino is winning mostly her matches, practically getting all the points for her team. Naru brings special udon lunch bentos she made herself and is well liked by everyone, good enough to be on Satonoka’s menu. Though Futami is eating alone, Aihara invites Futami to try it, but she states it’s comparable as the all the other one’s she has ate. Her comparison strikes Narumi and she begins to dump her food out. When the group asks about her how Futami swims, she tells everyone she had studied all the technique through books. Sakino refutes her saying it’s different from reading about a sport then actually doing it. Futami questions her opinion.

During the afternoon match Kouichi still wonders if something had happened between Mao and Kai, when he put on his goggles it happens that he put on the perscription goggles and falls and needs to be taken to the nurse. Kouichi and Yumi are alone in the nurse office as the nurse returns the goggles to Mao. When Yumi takes a closer look at Kouichi’s injuries, Aihara comes in to mistakenly takes them for kissing. He reveals that he is bringing Sakino to the nurse because she had a leg cramp. Though Aihara is up next, he false into the pool and is disqualified. Though the scores are getting close, Futami steps in to suggest Sakino to not race because her leg is still cramped. She tries to prove her wrong that she will win if she races. Sakino shocks everyone and wins, leaving Futami to only say “amazing”. When Akira confronts the two about the progress on the girls they both completely forget leaving Mitsuki to give an unexpected suggestion, suggesting a guy instead of a girl. Kouichi runs back to the nurse office, he notices Mao outside and confronts her about her being not herself, but she claims that things are alright. She then remember she dropped her contacts and they both look for it, but Mao can only stare at Kouichi even though he’s completely injured.