Kanon – Episode 22

Summary: After hearing the terrifying news from the principal, Yuuichi and Nayuki went to the hospital. During the ride to the hospital, Yuuichi and Nayuki saw the strawberry cake on the ground and Nayuki started to cry. The doctor had told them that news of Akiko won’t change for a while. Yuuichi and Nayuki waited for a while and eventually went home to wait for the doctors to tell them if Akiko’s situation has changed. When they were about to eat breakfast, Nayuki starts to blame herself for what happened to Akiko and heads up to her room. Yuuichi tells her that he is going back to school to tell the teacher and get their bags back. He left some food outside her door, when he came back from school he noticed Nayuki didn’t touch the food at all.

Yuuichi goes back to his room and starts to look at the picture they took with Makoto and started to wonder if she was still here would she brighten up the mood. The next day, Yuuichi told Nayuki he was going to visit the hospital and left some food again outside her room. When he came back late at night, he went to see how Nayuki was doing. She ate the food Yuuichi made and he asked if she had calmed down. Yuuichi opens the door and see Nayuki sulking in the corner and tells Yuuichi to get out and she doesn’t want to see anyone and wants to be alone.

Yuuichi tries to cheer Nayuki up. Nayuki asked if Yuuichi can make a miracle happen. She says she is lonely without her mom but Yuuichi tells her that she has lot of friends, including himself. But Nayuki tells him that he had forgotten her for seven years and calls him a liar. She tells him he had written letters to him but had never gotten any replies from him. She was scared back when she was going to pick him up at the station, she was scared he has forgotten her name. Yuuichi tells him that he remembers seven years ago about the snow bunny and ask if he can be with her for a while. She starts to cry and say “I can’t smile anymore… I have always been with my mom” Yuuichi says “Nayuki” and she yelled get out at him.

Yuuichi heads back to his room and started to having a flash back when he was a kid and was going to meet with Ayu at the big tree before he has to leave to go back to school. During his flashback Ayu was on top of the tree looking at the scenery at sunset, Yuuichi tells her to come down because he has a present he wants to give her. Suddenly a big wind came blowing and Ayu lost her balance on the tree and falls. When she fell she said she couldn’t feel the pain anymore, and can’t move. Ayu starts to cry and said that if she can’t move they can play anymore, Yuuichi tells her that they can still play together, and tries to make a pinky promise. Ayu can’t move so Yuuichi grabbed her hand and locked their pinkies together. Yuuichi tells her that they both have to let go or it won’t be an official pinky promise. Ayu seems to be unconscious or dead. When the dream ends, Yuuichi suddenly wakes up.

When Yuuichi woke up he was freaked out and trying to catch his breath. He grabbed Ayu’s backpack and angel doll and rushes out the house and bumps into Kitagawa. He tells him to take care of Nayuki and runs off. Yuuichi went in the mountain where the big tree was and called out Ayu’s name. At the end of the forest, Yuuichi sees a building and tries to head there but ends up falling down. He tries to pick himself up but falls again and just ended up lying there. While he had been lying there, you see someone coming with short boots and long socks. It was Makoto! She walks up to Yuuichi and hugs him then a shiny bright light appeared in front of him and another flashback starts.

The flashback is when Yuuichi gave the red hair band to Ayu. Ayu tells him that she won’t give it back even if you ask for it, Yuuichi tells her that he won’t take it back even if she wants to give it back. Ayu says she will wear the hair band next time they meet…


I have no clue what is going to happen in episode 23, so I can’t give out too much info on it. I can’t wait for this episode to come out. Just so you know, the 2006 remake is 24 episode long so even though this episode is called Finale, it is not the last episode. This episode is really good, sort of sad to see Nayuki like that when she is always so cheerful. Remember to catch the next episode of Kanon episode 23.

Kanon Episode 23 – Finale – (03.08.2007)