Kanon – Episode 21

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Summary: Ever since Ayu has disappeared Yuuichi hasn’t been himself.Yuuichi went to all the places him and Ayu went before and hope she would be there. Nayuki tries to cheer Yuuichi up by asking him to do homework together. After a few minutes, Nayuki falls asleep. The next day, Yuuichi and Nayuki went to school and saw a snow bunny trampled. Nayuki tries to make it again and then ask Yuuichi what the snow bunny remind him of. He told Nayuki that it reminded him of a girl he knows and her sickly mother. Yuuichi asked what does it remind Nayuki of and she told him it was nothing important.

After school, Yuuichi, Nayuki, and Kitagawa went to find Ayu’s missing item. (Just like my prediction, it was the little angel that Yuuichi gave to Ayu when they were little.) The next morning Nayuki was waking up Yuuichi and they headed down for breakfast. Nayuki asked her mom what’s for dinner and Nayuki told her that she wants to eat strawberry cake. During school, Yuuichi starts to remember something from his past when he saw the snow bunny again at school. In class while he was day dreaming. Yuuichi was remembering something about the snow bunny, he remembered that he smashed it when Nayuki was going to give it to him as a going away present.

Suddenly, the principal shows up to their class and told Yuuichi and Nayuki to come out. The news he was about to give them was that Nayuki’s mom was involved with an auto accident and as been taken to the hospital…


*Screen caps deleted*

In the next episode, it seems like Nayuki will keep on blaming herself for what happened to her mom. In the beginning of the preview she talks about how if she didn’t ask her mom to go get strawberry cake this would of never happened. When Yuuichi tries to cheer her up in her room she just tells him to get out she rather be alone. I was shocked when I saw Akiko get hit by the car like that. I thought she would of died from that since the car practically flipped into her but she got taken to the hospital. Can’t wait for the next episode though, this is going to be a must watch.

  • Episode 22 – Symphony – (03.01.2007)