Kanon – Episode 20

Summary: Ayu becomes shy and said Sorry after kissing Yuuichi. Yuuichi told Ayu don’t apologize and he told Ayu that he love her, then asked if she loves him. Ayu replied that she loved him ever since the day the met. She started to shout saying ” I think if you love me, then I think I can love you back forever!” They both start to blush then agreed to meet together at the same spot after school just like they used to.

When Yuuichi and Ayu were walking to school, Ayu said her school is somewhere in the woods and its really easy.  Yuuichi didn’t think there would be a school like this and asked if he could go see it sometime.  The next day, they met with each other at the same spot eating taiyaki.  They headed to Ayu’s school to visit since Yuuichi wanted to see what it’s like.  While walking, Yuuichi asked Ayu if this is actually the right way.  When they reached there it was just a giant tree stump which used to be a tree where Yuuichi and Ayu hanged out when they were little.  Ayu started wondering where is the school then started saying that she was here and checked her bag which turned out to be empty.

Ayu started to dig on the ground to find her lost item, after trying various spots Ayu told Yuuichi that they can’t meet up anymore,  Yuuichi turns around and finds Ayu missing…

  • Screen caps February 19, 2007