Kanokon – 01

OP Sequence:

OP: 「PHOSPHOR」 by 宮崎羽衣 (Miyazaki Ui)

Episode Summary: Another average day starts off, a girl named Chizuru meeting up with her friend Kouta to go to school. She spots him and runs toward him, embracing him in a hug of ecstasy. Kouta is extremely bothered by the smothering in her breasts, but she likes to tease him regardless. Right before it gets to the “good part”, Akane Asahina, the class rep, spots them and breaks it up. Soon they meet up with Tayura Minamoto, Chizuru’s brother, who tries to plant a kiss on Asahina; which only gets him shot down.

When they arrive at school they wonder why Chizuru likes Kouta so much, and it seems that not even Kouta knows. When Asahina is questioned about the importance of the Chizuru-Kouta situation, she is unnerved, along with Tayura, who states that she already has him. As Chizuru is walking to class, she is thinking of ways to approach Kouta when she meets Yatsuka-sensei, who immediately notices her attraction to Kouta. As school progresses, Kouta is found daydreaming, comparing the city and the countryside, along with Chizuru. The teacher notices his red face and asks if anything is wrong, and the class responds with some teases. We see a group off three reviewing some technical analysis that states that Chizuru is not taking them seriously, what could that mean?

As lunchtime hits the mob takes off to the cafeteria, where poor Kouta gets run over by the many bigger students. Tayura finds the poor boy and gives him a sandwich; then Chizuru pops in and starts to unbutton her shirt. Just as she does this a big rush of air rushes throughout the cafeteria lifting all of the school girl’s skirts up. Tayura seems to know the culprits and takes off after them; as Chizuru snaps back, she hands Kouta a love letter. The letter states to meet her in the music room after school, and when the time comes, he takes off. When he arrives Chizuru makes her move and they kiss.

After they kiss, she transforms, having a tail, blond hair, and kitsune ears! She notices that Kouta is in shock and states that if he doesn’t want to see her anymore, she can tell everyone about her and leave forever. Kouta states that she isn’t scary, just extremely beautiful. She is glad at the news and starts her attempt in having intercourse, but her plan is foiled by Tayura, who disapproves. Chizuru states that if they can love each other, she is willing to take any risk. At that, they kiss and she goes inside of Kouta, sharing the same body. Tayura suggests a duel to test their bond, and Chizuru blasts him clear out of the building. This was all in the past, Kouta has come back to the music room again after receiving the love note. Chizuru meets him there and they continue their intercourse relations.

Episode Rating: 9.3/10

ED Sequence:

ED: 「恋の炎」 (Koi no Honoo) by 榊原ゆい (Sakakibara Yui)

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