Hoo-ray Macbook Pro

As of tomorrow, I will be the proud owner of a Macbook Pro.  Why have I decided to get a Macbook Pro?  I’m going to Art Institute for Web Design and they use Macs there so I might as well.  Plus, I do not like to use my desktop for this blog.  Why?  No particular reason, it just that this desktop is more for gaming.  That being said, I will have to migrate everything onto the Macbook Pro so my FTP program, Photoshop, and other useful junk that I have for this site will have to be transfered to the laptop.  So there might be a day or two delay on posts.

As for the Feena Fam Earthlight figure, that problem has been taken care of.  The figure has been shipped as of today, err yesterday.  If EMS is really fast, assuming 1-4 days shipping, I should be able to review it this week if not, latest is Monday September 8th.