Hayate no Gotoku! Review

Finally my FTP is back up so now I can start writing on this blog again. To start off, I’ll be blogging Hayate no Gotoku! Review as said on the title.

OP Sequence:

OP: 「ハヤテのごとく!」 (Hayate no Gotoku!) by KOTOKO

Hayate no Gotoku! has to be the funniest anime I have watched for Spring 2007. Nothing has been able to match up to the awesomeness that is, Hayate no Gotoku! The story is about a boy named Ayasaki Hayate who lived with his parents who had a huge amount of debt to the Yakuza. When the debt was over by selling Hayate to the Yakuza, Hayate escapes and tried to live the life of crime. Which ended up failing horribly when he by mistake, said his real name when he asked for ransom on a pay phone. After that Nagi Sanzenin (blond twin tail in the above picture) decided to take Hayate in as a live in butler.

Characters: (Left to right: Nagi, Hayate, Maria)

So, now the story is done and over with, here is what I loved about the anime. First off, the characters are funny as hell. Nagi is just some stubborn 13 year old who mistakenly thought Hayate was confessing to her. She is played by Rie kugimiya and if you watched Shakugan no Shana, Nagi and Shana is a bit similar. Hayate is just some poor faced 16 year old who happens to be some what lucky and unlucky person. First he had a 150,000,000 (not exact number) yen debt which got canceled because Nagi paid it off and got to live in a big mansion as a live in butler. So I don’t whether to pity him or envy him. Then there is Maria, the cute looking 17 year old live in maid. She seems to be a popular one in the Sanzenin family. In the manga when they visited Nagi’s grandfathers house, the maid and butlers there all called her Maria-dono so I assume she must be a really popular character.

The story is probably not that big in this anime. At first its paying off the debt then his debt grew again and it seems like he is just stuck in that house forever. Which can’t be so bad living in a huge mansion and such. Anyway, the story seemed to only last about a few episodes from the start then it was just disappear off the face of the planet. Now each episode is just some random events and such. Pretty sure there is a story to this anime but the anime doesn’t seem story driven.

Best of Episode 8:

In this scene, Hayate gets dragged into Nagi’s room and asked to be dressed in a serafuku (sailor uniform which is worn by girls in Japanese schools). Hayate tells Nagi that if Klaus sees him dressed like a girl he will be fired. Why? Because Klaus said that butlers has to be manly at all times. Then Hayate tells Nagi that he would be caught dead if Maria saw him like that. Maria walks in and said that would be troublesome if you died. Maria asked why Hayate is dressed like that, Nagi replies that she thinks Hayate would look good in it. Maria says even so, a sailor uniform? Then she walks to Nagi’s dresser and grabbed out a frilly dress and said that Hayate would look better in this. You think Maria was trying to defend Hayate but then… Maria and Nagi is now all crazy and picking out dresses for Hayate to try on. Hayate tries to escape but for some VERY unknown reason there is a video game controller just there on the ground and he managed to step on it. Maria and Nagi notices and then they made Hayate dress up as a cute little girl with nekomimi.

What else is there to say about this anime other than its funny as hell. I recommend you all watch it right now if you are craving for a bit of laughs from an anime but couldn’t find the right one that makes you laugh out loud. So far only 10 episodes are out and only 9 are subbed, there are 3 volumes out for manga by Viz media so if you want to check that out go to your local bookstore or something. If you liked the music for Hayate no Gotoku, both the opening and ending single is out so buy it now! Hayate and Maria’s image song single is also out so be sure to check those out.

ED Sequence:

ED: 「Proof」 by MELL

  • Graphics: Nothing spectacular is shown in this anime nothing like Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!’s crazy technology graphics but it still looks nice even though the characters aren’t exactly drawn well unlike Kanon 2006. But it won’t hurt your eyes to watch.
  • Story: Not much goes on in this anime since it doesn’t seem story driven. Seems a bit like, Azumanga Daioh where it is just random story each time and doesn’t seem to link to each other. So if you plan on watching an anime thats story driven I think you may not want to watch this but if your just watching for laughs, definitely download it now!
  • Music: The theme song by KOTOKO is probably my favorite. Proof by MELL isn’t all that bad even though my itunes only shows me that I listened to it4 times while Hayate no Gotoku! by KOTOKO has been played 35 times. This is probably the first song by KOTOKO that I don’t get sick of listening after once. Remember both OP and ED singles are out so be sure to check those out. You can listen to the full OP on the mp3 bar in the header.
  • Result: 5/5 for its comedy. It is just so damn funny that I really need to buy volume 3 of the manga. Hopefully when this anime is finished airing in Japan, ADV or whoever will license it so I can get my hands on the dvd.

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