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OP: 「片翼のイカロス」(Katayoku no Icarus) by 榊原ゆい (Sakakibara Yui)

Episode Summary: Hirose, a blind middle schooler was recently transfered to his new school. On the way, he met a girl by the name of Otoha who thinks she is the Spirit of the Sound of Time. She says this while they were running away from a boar and she told Hirose that the boar said they were in his turf and told them to get out. While running they got separated and Hirose didn’t know where he was or where the girl went. The boar was still coming at him full speed and the girl watching jumped at Hirose pushing him out of the way. Knowing that it wasn’t Otoha, Hirose begins to feel her face then suddenly went a bit too far south and got a punch in the face.

The girl who rescued him showed him the way to the school that he is attending. After showing him the way, she starts to walk away in another direction. At school, Maki and Hamaji were talking about the new transfer student that will be coming to the school today. They saw Hinata carrying all these binders down the stairs, just when she is about to fall, Maki went and held up the binders for her and asked why didn’t she just split it into two trips? Hinata didn’t know what she meant at first but then gets it and said that would of been much easier. Unfortunately even with half of the binders taken off of her, she still falls. Maki went ahead to deliver the binders leaving Hinata to pick up the one that she dropped. While picking up the binder she gets poked in the butt by Hirose’s blind stick.

During class, the girl who saved Hirose from getting run over by the boar entered the class late and was told to stand outside. She seemed wanted to stand outside but Hirose butted in and said that she was late because she was helping him find the way to the school so the punishment was lifted. Hinata, Maki, and Hamaji decided to give Hirose a tour of the school. With his heightened sense of smell he knows which class is what before Hinata could tell him what they were. Hinata address Hirose with a “sama” honorific instead of san or kun which Hirose found odd but accepted to being called sama by Hinata. While touring the school, Tabata Yui showed up and started blabbering about a bunch of nonsense. Hamaji told Hirose that he could ignore everything she says, then Tabata jumped at Hamaji and knocked Hirose and Hinata down.

Hirose was taken to the school infirmary by Hinata, Hirose wanted to go to class but Hinata insisted on him resting. Otoha suddenly jumps through the window and landed on Hirose. It’s lunch time and Hirose is remembering what Otoha said to him when he was resting in the infirmary. Otoha, Spirit of the Sound of Time told Hirose that she could let him see again but lending him her powers. Hirose doesn’t really believe it but Otoha gave him a little demonstration. While Tabata was serving lunch is noticed that there wasn’t enough calamari rings for everyone and then blamed Kohinata who was the girl who saved Hirose. Hirose tries to help out Kohinata but then tells him to butt out and leaves the classroom in anger and throws the serving trays onto the ground. Hirose went after Kohinata but falls down the stairs but fortunately she was caught by Kohinata. Kohinata told Hirose that her name is Hayami and she hates her surname.

Back at home, Hirose is sleeping but having a bad dream and wakes up. Checking what time it is, Otoha suddenly appears in Hirose’s room and asked Hirose if he is tired of being powerless. Hirose didn’t recognize it was Otoha because her voice was changed a bit and told him to grab her hand. Otoha took Hirose to a vast empty crystal blue sea with a sandy beach. She runs into the water and told Hirose to come to her. She told him that its not that you can’t do it, it’s that you think you can’t. Otoha kisses Hirose on the forehead and Hirose was found back in his room. Before heading to school, on the grassy hilltop Hirose said he can’t believe it was this beautiful. He turns to Hayami with his eyes open and said “Let’s go together, Hayami”. Hirose is now able to see thanks to Otoha lending him the powers of the Spirit of Sound of Time.

Authors Note: The picture numbers 01 and 02 are at the end because the program used to convert and rename the screenshots messed it up and put these two pictures out of order. Sorry for the inconvenience this will not happen in the future for H2O or any other review we do.

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ED: 「カザハネ」(Kazahane) by 霜月はるか (Shimotsuki Haruka)

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  1. I dunnoes, I tried watching this series but got bored a quarter of the way. This type of anime never seems to interest me, so yeah. Anyway, I like the girl with short hair from the very start, lol.

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