Guilty Gear 2: Overture

Got a 360 but want to play Guilty Gear? Well, at TGS, Guilty Gear 2: Overture trailer was shown and features some interesting gameplay. The best thing is, its coming for the 360! They have changed from their 2D style to a 3D style. I wouldn’t say they totally ruined the game by doing this but it seems like you will be playing the game like Dynasty Warriors. You have body guards, kill a bunch of NPC enemies and eventually, you’ll meet up with a Guilty Gear 2 main character such as Valentine (shown above). Sol Badguy is still in this one so is Ky Kiske. I’m not sure about the others like Bridget, Millia, Johnny, etc.

Wikipedia gives off the current list of characters for this new Guilty Gear and it includes:

  • Sol
  • Ky Kiske
  • Sin
  • Valentine
  • Dr. Paradigm
  • Izuna

This seems to be a Xbox 360 exclusive right now, maybe Sony will get it too but for now, it only lists Xbox 360 having this title.