GSC English Beta Site

So Good Smile Company has launched their English version of their site, about damn time.  Of course the site doesn’t look as good as the Japanese one, but still it’s better than nothing.  According to Danny Choo, this site is in beta so it’s not final on how it looks or something maybe?  Who knows maybe it will just be like the Japanese but in English.

Steering away from the site for now and I would like to tell you all that I have finally purchased a Nikon SLR D40. That’s right! Better quality pictures of pictures and other crap are now available!  We’ll be using the SLR to take pictures of the figures for the review from now on, and by “we” I mean, me.  If there are any new writers that wishes to do figure review, they are free to do so as long they have a digital camera.  Anywho, I’m gonna keep playing with this camera.