Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun – 12 (END)

Episode Summary: Reika wakes up to find herself in a weird place, which happens to be inside her mind. Shungo and company are traveling to Never Ever Land to find Mayu there, since Reika, Mayu, and Shungo promised ten years go that they would all go there. They are talking about its lifespan, that when it first opened it boomed, but after a bit it dwindled and died; probably due to its weird mascot. Upon arrival, Shungo concludes that he must go alone; meanwhile, as Shungo enters, Mayu is already inside. She walks upon a scene from a story, and acts it out; as she finishes, she remembers her childhood with Shungo and Reika. She begins to wonder why everything had to end up so horrible, was it because she was a succubus, or was it because of her feelings for Shungo?

As she breaks down, Shungo spots her and grabs her before she could run away; they sit down and Mayu notices that Shungo does remember their childhood. She states that she betrayed Reika and when she heard about Reika and Shungo’s promise, she was honestly happy, and although she needed life force, she would not take Shungo’s. She tells Shungo that when they were children, and she was near the end of her life, she believed it O.K. to take a kiss. Before Mayu asks Shungo for a kiss, Reika shows up with tickets to Never Ever Land, but they can’t go due to Mayu’s illness. Mayu pushes them out of the room and tells them to go without her, and they leave unknowing. When they return, they find Mayu passed out; as Reika goes to call the police, Shungo remembers that a kiss will awake a sleeping princess, and kisses her; thus giving her life force.

When Mayu finishes her story, she passes out, and Shungo closes in for the kiss. As he moves in, Mayu stops him, for if he kisses her he will lose all his memories, making Reika sad; at this, Reika interrupts them, stating that her heart would be smashed to pieces. Reika states that she has not yet told Mayu what happened after the kiss, and she tells them that during the kiss, Mayu awoke and began to kiss him passionately. Reika walked in and saw them, and she then saw Shungo pass out; Reika tries to awaken Shungo, but he wont awaken. Then, Mikihiro and Ryoko rush in to find Reika and Shungo laying unconscious, then they rush Shungo to the hospital. Reika then tells that her heart split into two, creating the succubus persona, and that Mayu kept those memories locked deep insider herself.

Reika then asks him what is he to do, lose everything to save Mayu, or keep the promise to Reika; however, this time not just Shungo’s memory is in jeopardy. Shungo retorts that the succubus Reika persona is a miserable person, the Reika he knows would never abandon Mayu, and that the Reika he knows would know the right decision. As Shungo moves in for the kiss, Reika sends Hosaka to kill Shungo; as Shungo and Hosaka take the fight outside, Reika is conflicting. The real Reika in her mind hears some crying, and finds her child-self. Meanwhile, the sun sets as Hosaka and Shungo fight it out; Shungo asks why Hosaka why he will carry out that order, and Hosaka replies that Reika is everything to him. Hosaka asks him why he would through away Reika’s love, and why would he want to lose everything. Shungo states that he will do so because it is a new beginning.

At this, Hosaka makes a move, he tosses a doll at Shungo as a distraction, and suplexes Shungo into the ground. As they fight, Reika walks towards the fight and Mayu pleads that Reika call off the attack, but Reika is not listening, she is dealing with her conflicting persona. She tells her crying self that crying will get her nowhere, and then inquires why she is crying; the little Reika tells her that she cannot get what she wants, and at that, Reika tells her to steal it. The little Reika states that she cannot do that either, and Reika responds that she will do anything for Shungo. She even ignored her position in the Houjou Corporation and became a maid to steal Shungo from Mayu. This makes the little Reika laugh, for she knows what it is like to live as such; she then tells Reika that she did have fun, and Reika concludes that the crying Reika is a spawn of her weakness.

Reika grabs hold of the little one, and tells her that she is sorry; at this, the little Reika disappears. Reika then snaps back to reality and saves Shungo from a falling chandelier. When she realizes what she has done, she kisses Shungo passionately, and breaks away when Shungo tenses up. She gets up and tells him to put his back into it, and tells Hosaka to stop the attack, but Hosaka responds that he cannot. He says that he said he would not rescind the order, and that he only has her best interest in mind. At this, Shungo tells Mayu to hang on a little bit longer, and makes a final attack on Hosaka. As Shungo lands the final blow on Hosaka, Mayu jumps in front of Hosaka’s attack, saving Shungo.

Mayu falls down and tells Shungo to be sure to keep his promise with Reika, then passes out; as Shungo moves in to kiss Mayu, Reika tries to stop him, but trips on a doll and kisses Mayu by accident. Mayu then reawakens confused; she says she is alright, but states that Reika should be more discrete, and that she is not a lesbian. Mayu states that Reika must have liked it, but Reika says that she had been taken advantage of. Ryoko and Mikihiro make the conclusion while observing from the ferrace wheel that Reika passed Shungo’s life force through Mayu. At the same time, Ino and Yoshi fixed up the park controls and turn everything on. Reika, Mayu, and Shungo notice that the park is alive again, and they fulfill their promise by exploring the park. As they run into the park, Irori and Tasuku watch as they disappear into the park.

We next see Hosaka, who is limping along due to his mistake of fighting Shungo; he gets picked up my Shinobu, who carries him off. Later on, it is back to training at the Ninomiya residence. Mayu is rubbing up against Shungo’s back, and Shungo has to find out what she is writing with her boobs. Reika busts in and tells them to stop, and then Shinobu offers to kill him on the spot. Then Hosaka enters and tells Shungo that the fish is burning, and Shungo runs off leaving Mayu and Reika alone. Reika tells Mayu to continue with the training, but she will never surrender Shungo to her; Mayu also states that she will not give up. Later, the group goes to school and everything is back to normal. Mayu states that she is still not under full control of her powers, and that one day she will be cured of her androphobia. She then kisses Shungo and Shungo passes out; at the scene, the entire group surrounds Shungo. When he revives, Mayu and Reika rush forward leaving a heart-felt ending to Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun – 12 “Lets Walk Forth”.

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