Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun – 11

Episode Summary: Mayu is reading a magazine with an article about aliens with Shungo and Ryoko. While Mayu starts a long speech about how aliens exist in certain large countries, Ryoko gets off the couch and has enough time to travel around, spying on diplomats with aliens; then enough time to return home before Mayu finishes. That night, Reika is conflicting inside about Shungo; is it really O.K. that he doesn’t remember the promise; is it really O.K. that Mayu has Shungo? The normal Reika loses, and her succubus personality takes hold. The next day, the group’s classmates are looking for them at the Ninomiya residence that appears abandoned and broken down. Meanwhile, since the end of the last episode, Shungo was apprehended, Shungo is in a cell, banging on the bars when Hosaka bails him out. When Hosaka takes Shungo away in a limo, he explains that Reika is finally going to get serious about Shungo, and that the article that he read in the paper was false; that it was just a fabrication to get rid of Mikihiro and Ryoko.

Hosaka explains that Ryoko and Mikihiro will be alright, and when Hosaka asks why Reika didn’t do that earlier, Shungo gets a flashback of his childhood. The limo stops and Hosaka states that Shungo will find the answer along this long street; Shungo immediately remembers, and takes off to wind up at the old Houjou Corporate Estate. Shungo enters and remembers Snow White with Mayu and Reika, when he is interrupted by Reika, who states that the three lived with each other there. Shungo notices that Reika is not her normal self, like back at the island, and is told a story of their childhood. When they first met, Shungo saves Reika when she ran away from home from a bunch of rowdy boys ten years prior; Shungo gives the leader an amulet that his parents gave him in order to leave Reika alone. Shungo takes Reika back to his house, where he lived alone at the age of six; Reika didn’t know that people lived in such poverty, and at such a young age even.

She states that at first she tried to repay him, but wasn’t as skilled in anything that he was. She states that she then realized that she was attracted to him and pulls out the amulet from ten years ago; she states that because of the amulet, they met Mayu as well. The story continues when she wanted to repay him by getting his necklace back, but in turn, Shungo got beat up in order to retrieve the necklace. When Shungo was getting a beating, Mayu busts in to kick some ass; and at that age, Mayu was reckless and fool hearty, and they took off into the sunset. When Ryoko and Mikihiro show up, they just laugh at him for getting owned. She states that their relationship didn’t last long, for the Houjou Corporation came looking for Reika.

When Reika has to leave, they make a pact with a kiss, a promise, and the amulet, that they will not forget that Reika will be of use to Shungo. She states that she worked as hard as possible for the promise, but began to worry that he was slipping away. When Reika states that Mayu ruined everything, Shungo starts to remember. She states that he doesn’t have to worry, for Mayu is running out of time; at this, Shungo faints with Reika standing above him. Night falls and Mayu is heading somewhere with the knowledge that she is running out of time. While Shungo is out, he dreams about when they lived together, and that Reika showed them a theme park that her company will make. When Shungo awakes, he finds that he is bound to a bed with Reika wearing nothing but lingerie. She tells him that she is going to fulfill their promise now.

Right before Reika makes Shungo a man, Hosaka interrupts stating that there are intruders. These intruders come in as Reika leaves, Irori and Tasuku, who help him make a getaway. On the way, Tasuku asks if Sungo has kissed Mayu, and if he knows how much life force Mayu has left. Upon hearing this, Shungo makes a break for it to look for Mayu, but is caught by Reika’s henchmen. When Shungo asks Reika about Mayu, she states that it would be in her better interests to have her die. She proposes that if she uses all of her resources at hand, Shungo must be hers. Shungo walks forward to accept the deal, for there is no other way to ensure Mayu’s survival.

As Shungo walks forward, Shinobu jumps in, stopping Shungo, and is blocked by Hosaka. Shinobu states that the Reika she knows is a noble, kind person, who would never force someone she loved into a situation of such. At this, Reika succubus is fighting the normal Reika insider ; Shinobu takes on the mob, while Shungo, Irori, and Tasuku are sent off to find Mayu. A few henchmen chase after them, but are stopped by Ryoko and Mikihiro. Shungo hits the road and finds Yoshi, Ino, and gang in a car, who take him to NeverLand, the Houjou theme park. Meanwhile, Hosaka and succubus Reika are on the move to NeverLand as well.

Mayu is barely hanging on to life walking to the theme park. Leaving a huge cliffhanger for Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun 11 “Don’t Run Away”

Author’s Note: I am sorry that I haven’t been making reviews lately, I have been having a few problems. Anywho, I have completed 4 reviews, all they need is screen shots. I greatly apologize for my lack of professionalism and responsibility, but make a note that Hanyouslayer is back and I will be caught up by the end of tomorrow on my reviews.

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