Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun – 10

Episode Summary: The opening event starts out with Hinako being envious of everyone’s breast sizes around her, while awaiting Mayu’s arrival for the day they have planned; After awhile, Hinako cannot keep it in anymore, and explodes on Mayu, asking how she got her size. After the last episodes recap, where Irori steals some of Shungo’s life force, you see what is happening in Mayu’s head, who is remembering when Shungo, Reika, and her were kids; playing, laughing, and spending a good time with eachother until Mayu kisses Shungo, and she accidentally takes some of his life force. When Mayu snaps back to the scene, Reika and company haul Shugo off to recover. The next day, Shungo is pondering why Irori would do such a thing, steal his life force and whatnot; he comes to the conclusion that Irori was indeed stealing his life force, and what a draining sensation it was. While thinking of the draining subject, he regains a memory fragment, but quickly brushes it aside, while Ino and Yoshi are thinking he is just depressed because he failed to enter Mayu’s room, and Tasuku cursing him from behind. Irori walks up to Tasuku and asks if he did anything to make Shungo tired, but then thinks that it is mainly her fault for getting a wee bit carried away. Irori gets drove away and she moves onto Shungo again, inviting him to spend the leisure time with her again; she is spotted by both Reika and Mayu. Trying to take advantage of the downtroughted Mayu, Tasuku makes a move to ask Mayu to spend the leisure time together, but Mayu declines, stating that she already made plans.

With newfound hope and determination, Mayu steals Shungo away to spend the leisure time together with Reika. Mayu gets the others to agree, and starts the exciting leisure day. Their first stop is a local shop, where Mayu eats the majority of the free samples, then it is off to a shrine, where Mayu plays around, trying to be a religious idol. The three of them are having a great time, but little do they know, Tasuku and Irori are trailing them, vowing to make their happiness end abruptly; also, Hosaka and Shinobu are keeping and eye on Reika. The group’s next stop is at a shaved ice shope, where Mayu takes down an abundant helping. While eating, Mayu uses the less formal kun when referring to Shungo, and sparks another memory fragment, this time they are eating dinner and Reika is wiping Mayu’s face off with a hankerchief. When Shungo returns to the present, the viewer becomes aware of some ninjas that are spying on the group.

Shungo and company’s next stop is a gaisha clothing house, where commoners can try on the tradisional kimonos. Shungo gets stuck with a midwife outfit, while the girls try on the beautiful kimonos. Reika attempts to stand up, but trips in on the kimono and falls in a compromising position. While this is going on, Shinobu and Hosaka are taking pictures from afar in order to capture Reika’s precious mements. Since the gaisha kimonos aren’t Reika’s type, the girls try on shrine maiden attire, when all of the sudden, ninjas attempt an attack on Mayu, but fortunately miss. Mayu is totally oblivious to the attempt of murder, but Reika takes the initiative, and flees with Mayu.

While fleeing from the assassins, Mayu trips and costs the group valuable time; although Shungo manages to get Mayu on his back in time, Shinobu rushes in to save the day. Shinobu grabs Reika and the group resumes their escape with directional help from Hosaka. The group gives it a good run, but ends up face-to-face with a dead end; Tasuku breaks the ranks of the ninja to state that he will now have revenge for ten years ago. Although Shungo does not remember what he did to deserve the attack, Tasuku sends his ninja to fight anywho. Reika, Shinobu, and Hosaka use their honed fighting skills to parry their attackers, while Mayu runs around helplessly. Tasuku states that ten years ago, the girl that kept on screaming “Please stop!” got in the way, and this sparks yet another of Shungo’s many memory fragments. This fragment is of Shungo being pinned down by a group of boys, and being beat into pulp.

Shungo snaps out of his dreamy state when Ino, Yoshi, Hinako, Ryoko, and Mikihiro show up to take down some ninja. The fighting between Shungo and Tasuku is abruptly stopped when Irori shows up. Irori tells Tasuku firmly to stop the fighting, kisses Tasuku, and then tells him that she only loves him. This completely demolishes the violent air. Later, Reika, Hosaka, and Shinobu are flying home in Reika’s helicopter, and Shinobu asks if it is really alright with leaving the others alone on their way back; this causes Reika’s other personality to appear, and Hosaka dumps Shinobu out of the helicopter into the water below. Back at Shungo’s home, Shungo gets up to look for Mayu, for she is not in the bed.

Shungo looks through the morning newspaper for interesting articles, when he discovers an article that states Ryoko and Mikihiro are international infultrators, and that they have been captured by the Japanese government. As Shungo reads this, special ops bust through the doors and windows capturing him. As the seen ends, the viewer sees a letter from Mayu sitting on the bedroom table; which states, “Sorry, Goodbye”. This brings Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun – 10 ” Lets Go Have Fun” to a close.

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