Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun – 09

Episode Summary: This exciting comedic adventure starts with Shinobu helping out Reika by cleaning up the mansion; and what a good job she does, it simply sparkles with such brilliance. As soon as Reika enters the mansion, the vie for Shungo beings, Mayu is trying to help Shungo out with dinner all by herself, but Reika is there to make sure that does not happen. The next day, the class goes to Kyoto, and Mayu and Hinaku are gazing at the glorious Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion(In 1397 construction started on the Golden Pavilion as part of the new residence for Ashikaga Yoshimitsu, recent retired shogun. After his death, Kinkakuji was converted into a Zen temple). Meanwhile, Shungo is taking control of the boys in his class; he stops them from making crop circles in the Zen garden and taking unwanted pictures of ladies in kimonos. Shungo goes to the teacher, but she is retiring in the coach, leaving the students in Shungo’s capable hands.

Feeling the pressure, Shungo decides to take a walk to vent some of the frustration, and is met up with by Irori; who drags him off to go shopping. All the while, Mayu was hiding a few meters away in the bamboo debating on how to ask Shungo to spend their leisure time together. As Shungo gets dragged hopelessly away, Irori’s elder brother, Tasuku, tries to make a move on Mayu by asking her to spend the leisure time with him. Just before Shungo gets dragged out of sight, he spots Mayu and Tasuku and is discontent at his sighting, but cannot do anything about it, for he is forced into going to the Togetsu Bridge (The symbol of Mt. Arashiyama. It was named “Togetsu” -Moon Crossing Bridge, as its graceful image looks like a figure crossing the moon). All this while, Reika just happened to be spying, err, keeping an eye, on Shungo.

Later on, when the class retires to the hotel, Shungo and Mayu bump into each other, and they each want to talk to one another; for Shungo, it is about Tasuku, and as for Mayu, it is about spending the leisure time together. Unfortunately, before they get to talk, Shungo gets dragged off into the baths by Yoshi and Ino. When the female part of the class are bathing, Hinaku is feeling up Mayu, and is amazed at how large her breast size(like triple D!). Meanwhile, at the mens bath, it is raining male students! The guys are trying to climb a near vertical cliff to catch a glimpse of the women’s bath at the top. Shungo scales the cliff in hot pursuit of Yoshi and Ino only to find a remote controlled helicopter armed with a gatling gun. The three of the boys scramble up the cliff as fast as humanly possible(and inhumanly), but only Shungo reaches the top.

When Shungo reaches the top, he meets Reika face to naked breasts; with utter embarrassment, Shungo lets go of the cliff edge and plummets into the bath below. The scene switches to Tasuku and his remembrance of his past; he was being picked on, and Shungo saved him. With that, Tasuku vows that he will repay Shungo. When the girls are ready for bed, they stay up and are chatting about girl stuff; the topic of the traditional event arises, which is when the male students try and sneak a peak inside the girls room. The scene switches to a precariously placed box, a box that you should remember if you ever played Metal Gear Solid, for there is Snake, attempting to sneak into the girls room; alas, Snake is found out by the teacher, and hauled away. With Snake down, the rest of the boys are being rounded up like cattle, but it will take more than a few prisoners to stop them!

At the boys headquarters, they are tallying up the dead soldiers, and informing others of the guards whereabouts. While the roundup is commencing, Reika is owning like no tomorrow at Space Invaders with her 1337 skills! She explains that the roundup is just to keep the improper male/female relationships in check. Back at headquarters, Shungo receives a call from Tasuku stating that he will sneak into Mayu’s room, and Shungo will not stand for it; the entire headquarters is going to do a suicide mission to ensure that Shungo reaches Mayu before that creepy Tasuku fool. Shungo, Yoshi, and Ino are disguised as laundry and a laundry worker and make their way to Mayu’s room, but they are forced to split up, Shungo is now on his own. Shungo goes all commando, and easily evades the guards, scales the outside of the building, and makes it to a safe point below a flight of stairs.

Shungo meets up with Tasuku, who stops him in his tracks by summoning four girls in heat. Tasuku flicks off the power, and makes his getaway. Mayu takes this chance to speak to Shungo, and goes to find him. Meanwhile, Shungo is being cornered by Irori, and is suddenly kissed. As this kiss is passionately given, Reika starts to descend the stairs right in front of them; also, Mayu is on her way toward Shungo. As Shungo is being kissed, he realizes that Irori is a succubus, and is sapping his lifeforce, and flips the lights on. At this point, Reika and Mayu reach the scene and are utterly shocked. Irori finishes her meal, and leaves Shungo slumping against the wall, totally drained of energy. Reika rushes to Shungo’s side, and Mayu is struck by tears. Thus ending Episode 09 “Snatch Him!”

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  1. While introducing some new characters in episode 9 and placing them in a flashback is kind of intriguing, it seems far too convenient. Almost as if the producers wanted to find the quickest way to finish twelve episodes without getting too deep into the plot. I can understand this, I’m sure anyone who has watched shorter anime can, but I feel its downfalls are just due to laziness. It’s not fun to see something you once adored turn into slothfulness. It’s probably why I haven’t gotten up to actually watch the series, and make the effort to blog it either.

    Instead I will just comment on it here.

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