Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!- Episode 02

As Manabi leave for school on her awesome scooter she sees Mei go on the bus to Seioh Academy and waves to her. At school Manabi meets up with Mikan and Mutsuki. During class Manabi sends Mikan a message with their school’s high tech desks that has computers built in saying that they should meet in the student council room. When they got there the room is a mess, they decide to clean up but since it was up to Mikan and Manabi, nothing got done.

After Tennis (I think), Mutsuki decides to go to the student council room and see how things are going. When she enters the room, she sees Manabi and Mikan just lying on the table looking out the window. Mutsuki said that she would like to help and of course, nothing got done again. Mei then decides to show up although she lies that her intention wasn’t to come here. As expected from Mei the perfectionist, she tells them that there needs to be order! She tells them that junk needs to be deleted and starts to point out a bunch of junk in the room which was then sold around campus for 50 yen each (5 cents).

After everything is cleaned up they managed to raise 3250 yen plus some money from Shimojima-sensei which ended up to a total of 9480 yen. They all decided to spend this money doing a image change. After visiting the store similar to Home Depot, Momo-chan is doing a school news report about the student council room. Manabi told her that they are changing it into a cafe where people can come and hang out and talk about school happenings and hope to make the school life more fun. The whole school saw this news report and every club from the school decides to help them with the image change.

  • Screen Caps February 21, 2007

OP: 「A Happy Life」 by 林原めぐみ (Hayashibara Megumi)

I love the song, and I love the opening sequence. I was going to mention what the sequence reminded me of but I can’t exactly remember anymore. The opening sequence is the gang grouping together in a field then they split up and started to run around town or around campus. After that you see them holding spray cans and started to tag up the school. The tags shows opening credits and after the sequence is over it shows the title がくえんゆーとぴあ まなびストレート!

ED: No Music

The ending for this episode is different from episode one, it shows them working on the student council room but doesn’t play the ending 「Lucky & Happy」 by 林原めぐみ (Hayashibara Megumi).