Final Fantasy XIII Officially On 360

Like I said in the past about my FFXIII going multiplatform, I guess I was correct after all. During the Microsoft Press Conference at the E3 Media and Business Summit, they showed a trailer, with the words “Cocoon – A paradise crafted by the inscrutable fal’Cie some thirteen centuries past.” Then it turned out to be a trailer for Final Fantasy XIII. At the end of this trailer, it says Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 US and Europe.

With this, Final Fantasy XIII will now have a simultaneous release with the PS3 and in US and Europe, at the same time! OMG! How is this game going to look on the 360? Probably just the same as the PS3 or maybe a bit lowered graphics. Although the 360 is also getting this title, there has been no confirmation of rather Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be coming to the 360 as well. So for now, it’s a PS3 exclusive.