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Anyone who is a fan of DJMAX should know that there will be a new DJMAX coming out.  No, I’m not talking about DJMAX Fever, actually I’m talking about DJMAX Clazziquai.  Yes this name is a bit weird but who cares, DJMAX is fun if you don’t mind failing almost all the songs when you first start playing until you develop speedy fingers.  I’m not sure what Metro Project exactly is, I don’t know if its a company or whatever or just some category Pentavision has put the game under.  Clazziquai is going to be on the PSP, no release date has been given yet, but from what I know is that there will be 2 editions of this new title.  One is Clazziquai and the other is Black Square.  From the Metro Project teaser website, they only show 2 titles, Clazziquai and Technika so I’m not 100% sure if Black Square is included with the Clazziquai Edition or not.  I’m assuming they probably are but nothing is for sure.

Speaking of Technika, DJMAX Technika is the newest DJMAX that is out right now.  If you haven’t heard of it yet thats OK because I just found out about it myself yesterday.  Sadly Technika is an arcade only DJMAX title.  By arcade I’m not talking Xbox Live Arcade, I mean loud, noisy, kid screaming arcade.  The machine has 2 screens, one you actually use to play on and the other one is displayed high above, the point of the top screen?  Just to let people see how crappy your doing.  The gameplay is very different from the other DJMAX titles.  The screen gets split into 2 sections, the top scrolls the timing bar to the right while the bottom half scrolls it to the left.  These timing bars will not be going simultaneously it just waits until one section is done and begins the other one.  These balls will appear on screen and when the timing bar is on the ball, just tap the ball on the screen with your finger.  Everything is fully animated which is cool so there isn’t any still images like in DJMAX Portable and Portable 2.  DJMAX Technika features 5 new songs and probably just uses a bunch of the old songs from DJMAX Portable and Portable 2.  “First Kiss” by BJJ (Image above) is by far my favorite new song.  High hopes for this song to be in DJMAX Clazziquai.  If you wish to see DJMAX Technika in action or want to go see the teaser site or want to listen to First Kiss visit the links below.

DJMAX TECHNIKA – First Kiss Preview

DJMAX Metro Project Teaser Site

First Kiss Preview (.wav format)

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  1. I honestly don’t know what to tell you there Kaito. I’m not a listener of Korean songs so I don’t know any singers but it might be.

  2. pllzzz message me on youtube and tell me what are the lyrics or the translation to english of the song First Kiss is plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz TT>TT

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